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Anything related to the usage of commands, command blocks, and functions in the Minecraft game series. Always use this tag together with the [minecraft-java-edition], [minecraft-bedrock-edition], or [minecraft-education-edition] tag. Include details about the issue you're having (e.g. commands, error messages, screenshots, etc) and what you've tried so far to solve it. If you're building a redstone device without commands, use [minecraft-redstone] instead.

Commands (sometimes also called "cheats", because they are not intended to be used in regular Survival gameplay) are advanced features activated by typing certain strings of text into chat, command blocks, or functions. They allow detecting and acting on almost every aspect of the world, from simply teleporting one player to another, to complex data packs that heavily modify the game's effective behaviour or even bring entire other games into Minecraft.

What to include in your question

If it's your first time asking a question, then please read this Arqade Meta FAQ post first: What to do before asking a minecraft-commands question?

Include details about the issue you encounter and what you've tried so far to solve the issue in your question. E.g., commands, function files, data pack folder structure, command block settings, error messages, screenshots showing the issue, and anything that can help potential answerers understand your question better.

If you want to ask for help with a command or function that does not work as you expected, please make sure to provide a "minimal reproducible example". For more information, please consult the Commands, Command block and Function articles of the Minecraft wiki.

Tag notes

Please use either , , or together with this tag, depending on which game you play. Not using a tag specifying the game and not mentioning this anywhere else in the question will cause it to get closed as "Needs details or clarity".

Please also use if your question is specific to using commands in functions.

Please only use together with this tag if you are really very sure that it is a question about both. Good examples can be found here.