Used for questions about server-side packs that add or change recipes, advancements, structures and more in Minecraft Java edition. Always use with the [minecraft-java-edition] tag.

Datapacks are .zip files or folders that are read by Minecraft Java edition to replace or add new:

  • advancements
  • loot tables
  • structures
  • crafting and smelting recipes
  • block, entity, item, fluid and function tags
  • functions (collections of commands that can be used instead of command blocks for recursion, better performance and more)
  • predicates (collections of conditions that can be checked in commands and loot tables)

Please also use in questions using this tag.
Please also use if the question is about functions, but do not use if you just happen to use functions and the question would be the same with command blocks.

Minecraft wiki article about datapacks: