Used for questions about loot tables, custom recipes, structures, tags, and advancements in Minecraft: Java Edition. Should only be used for functions if they involve raycasting, recursion, /schedule, or function-specific command encapsulation. If the question involves a function but doesn't have the above listed elements, use the minecraft-commands tag instead.

Use the tag when asking a question specifically about features in minecraft datapacks (Java Edition exclusive), such as advancements, recipes, loot tables, structures, or tags. If you have a question about a function, only use this tag if that question involves function-specific features, such as recursion (which includes raycasting), /schedule, or encapsulation, and tag it with as well. If your question involves the CustomModelData NBT tag, tag it with this tag as well as [Tags:minecraft-resourcepack] (which will be added in the future).

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