Given Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education Edition are built on the same platform then the addon documentation for Bedrock Edition can be applied to Education Edition. The vanilla mob examples for the Zombie in the documentation here does not contain a "reach_multiplier" key. This key is how far out of a mobs hitbox they can hit. The ...


I already had this kind of problem, and I had to clear the cache of Google play store. https://www.gadgetsnow.com/how-to/unable-to-download-an-app-from-google-play-store-heres-how-to-fix-it/articleshow/69002909.cms The TLDR: Go into the Google App Store App settings (the app itself, not minecraft's) and Clear Cache and Data. You will have to sign back into ...


The only way to achieve this in vanilla Minecraft would be to use a texture pack that replaces the .ogg sound files of the noises you want to silence with empty sound files so that you cannot hear them.


Please see this post on the Minecraft Education Edition forum which states: Minecraft: Education Edition does not officially support mods or resource packs. This version of the game was designed for schools to use in class and as such to make sure the game stays secure it does not officially support any add-ons. The Bedrock and Java versions of the game do ...


Unfortunately, as of now, this is not possible in Minecraft Education Edition. You could perhaps create some custom items such as splash potions with name tags and through the use of command blocks and the execute command build command "items" which could then be given to users.

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