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Minecraft 1.10 Not Switching To Forge

1) Select your Forge profile and Edit Profile. 2) In editation, be sure you have those values right: (OPTIONAL, but VERY USEFUL) Game directory : It is VERY good to store different versions in ...
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Do I have a cracked launcher?

If you believe you have a cracked launcher, you may also have a pirated copy of Minecraft. The first question to ask yourself is: Did I buy Minecraft from the official site and can otherwise launch ...
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Is there a way to open Minecraft without using the launcher at all?

Not sure if this is what you're looking for but MultiMC is an open-source alternative to the normal Minecraft launcher. I've been using it for about a year and it works very nicely. MultiMC has many ...
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5 votes

Set default window size for Minecraft

It's easier than in the self-answer. In the launcher, you can click on "Installations", then on the profile you want (default is "Latest release") and then set a resolution in there.
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4 votes

Can I rename a version of Minecraft?

For example, I'm gonna change "1.9" to "1.99" (You can use alphanumeric characters) First open Minecraft's data directory. If you don't know how to do this, this screenshot will help you. Then ...
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Login Failure (Minecraft Launcher) with Qustodio

My son has qustodio and was having this same issue with Minecraft. I e-mailed qustodio customer service and was given a very quick response with a procedure that solved the problem! My son is now back ...
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Allocate RAM for minecraft

First you go to launch options, then you select the profile for which you want to change the arguments, then you enable JVM arguments and you can then change the arguments in the entry next to the ...
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How can I delete Minecraft Forge from the Minecraft launcher?

Do you want to delete forge, or do you want to delete the profile? They're two different things; the profile allows you to launch forge, but deleteing the profile will ultimately leave Forge still on ...
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Unable to launch Minecraft Java Edition, error code 0x803F8001

I have a list of things you could do to possible solve this issue. Check & Install Windows Updates: Use this shortcut Windows key + I to open the Settings. After that, you have to choose Update &...
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Minecraft Launcher restarts when it is 99% done, why?

This error is potentially caused by a slow network download speed. Start downloading the new version, lock your PC and enjoy some tea or go out for a walk (just wait it out). After around 1 hour (...
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Login Failure (Minecraft Launcher) with Qustodio

Same thing happened on my kids computer. Games other than minecraft, like Battlefield 4 and PVZ are also affected. Once I noticed the SSL error, and realizing that qustodio intercepts SSL traffic to ...
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Minecraft won't let me download or play it?

If your game is actually corrupted than I recommend the following: On Mac, go to your finder, then library, then application support. Then delete the folder called 'Minecraft' Also delete all ...
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Delete default profiles from new Minecraft launcher (2017-)

Latest Snapshot can be turned off in the advanced settings of the launcher. The same way you turn it on. Latest Release is basically an easy shortcut to play the last given out version of MC, and it'...
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3 votes

How do I stop the Minecraft launcher from warning me about using modified Minecraft installs

Go to the .minecraft folder in %appdata% and open the launcher_profiles.json file. Scroll to the desired profile name (e.g. Optifine). Then change the "type" to "Void-Null". Then ...
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3 votes

What is the fastest Minecraft launcher for versions 1.17 or 1.16.5?

The default launcher should be fine. Launchers do not really impact your performance. Also, I am warning you that your computer is below the minimum system requirements for Minecraft so you may have ...
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3 votes

How to switch account in Minecraft Launcher

Workaround (simple) First clicking Skins makes the account switcher menu do something useful. Now I can log out and then back in again with a different account. Actual solution (requires config file ...
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Unable to update the minecraft native launcher - Mac OSX 10.11.4 (El Capitan)

Try to reinstall Minecraft(delete it from the Applications folder, then run the installer). If it didn't work, do you have avast?(BUG URL: In Avast, you'll ...
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How to get the new minecraft launcher GUI

Currently, the launcher is slowly being rolled out/activated. If your launcher recently downloaded a ~40MB update, then you will get the new launcher GUI within today and next Friday, unless your ...
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How do I fix my Minecraft Forge launcher from launching the vanilla launcher?

My guess is you are running the incorrect profile. To edit your profile, open the minecraft launcher. Next, click on the Menu labeled Profile: and click (default). Then, click play. Boom, you will ...
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Minecraft new launcher problem

This error can happen if compatibility mode is turned on for the launcher. Check the options on the launcher shortcut and make sure that box isn't ticked. To do this, right click on the launcher ...
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Set default window size for Minecraft

Well, never mind. I figured it out. Edit .minecraft/options.txt and set the overrideWidth and overrideHeight values to your desired values. This will be the size of the game screen itself (so the ...
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2 votes

Cannot run Minecraft on Windows 7

according to the comments of this link, this is a DNS issue. whatever your network provider/firewall/VPN service is, it's blocking crucial files needed by the Launcher to install. the fix one user ...
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How can I run the minecraft client on CentOS 7?

First download Minecraft.tar.gz from the official download site. Also install anaconda python (or miniconda I suppose) from This gets you the libraries you ...
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Can I add an account to my Minecraft launcher?

The launcher can remember credentials of only one account at a time but there's no problem logging out of the currently used account, then log in using a different one, then repeat the process to ...
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Minecraft isn’t showing my installations on Arch Linux

Just add the installations to the Minecraft Launcher, ensuring that the directory matches your .minecraft folder. When you start the installation, it will use the existing files. The installation ...
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How to fix your minecraft launcher when it turns gray and crashes

Step 1 Go to your Minecraft data folder. Windows: Press Win (Windows Key) + R. When you see a box pop up, type in %appdata% then press enter. You will then see a folder pop up. Find the folder called ....
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2 Minecraft versions on diff laptops using same login

On the top left of the minecraft launcher there is a profile picture with your account name, it has a dropdown menu arrow, click on that and logout of the current account, and then login with your own ...
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