USE WITH CAUTION - Technical Support for crashes and issues related to running modded Minecraft is off-topic. This tag is for questions relating to the content, features, or gameplay of mods in Minecraft: Java Edition. Questions about add-ons for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft should be tagged [minecraft-addons].

Minecraft is one of the games with the biggest modding community, despite not officially offering a modding API. Fan-made mod frameworks like Forge, Bukkit, or LiteLoader add this functionality and are used by mods that add more technical or magical elements or even entirely new dimensions with their own creatures and resources. Some mods just improve little details, like fixing bugs or adding compatibility with outside resources, like ViveCraft for VR goggles, ReplayMod for cinematic video creation, or various 3D printing exporters.

Tag usage guidance

Please also use in addition to this tag. Mods for Bedrock Edition and Legacy Console Edition only exist as hacks or exploits. Do not use this tag for hacks or exploits. Behavior packs are not mods. Data packs that heavily modify the game’s effective behavior are sometimes called "Vanilla mods", but they are not actually mods.

Technical issues

Crash issues and other technical issues related to running modded Minecraft are off-topic as per community consensus at these Arqade Meta posts: (Note that questions about modded Minecraft content, features, and gameplay-related issues are still on-topic.)