OptiFine is a Minecraft optimiser that aims at allowing Minecraft to run faster, with better graphics. Use this tag if your question concerns using the mod. If you simply have it installed, and think that might have an impact, just mention it in the main body. If you are using this tag, consider the use of the technical-issues, and ensure a system specifications list is provided, if you do.


Based in Houston, Texas; OptiFine is a modification that allows users to run Minecraft using less system resources. It also aims at improving the overall graphical quality.

Available as far back as Minecraft v1.0, OptiFine comes in three versions:

  • OptiFine Standard is designed to have the most support with other modifications.
  • OptiFine Light is designed to offer the optimisation required to run Minecraft on a lower-end machine.
  • OptiFine Ultra is designed to provide maximum performance and quality features.

While OptiFine is free, users may donate to the creators, in return for a custom OptiFine cape to use in-game.

Tag Use

Use this tag when specifically asking questions in regards to using the mod.

If you are simply using the mod, and think that might have an impact on the context of your question, simply mention it in the content body.

If you are using this tag, the tag might also be suitable. If you are having technical issues, ensure you list your system specifications.

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