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Try switching the USB ports from the hard drive.


Baritone is not omniscient. It's just a client-side mod, and doesn't know about the world any more than the server is willing to share. It does exploit some info the server provides even though it wouldn't need to for the client to work, like location of nearby ores, but if the server didn't provide location of a mushroom biome, or the seed, Baritone has no ...


you can just use an autoclick program and set it up to activate and stop when you press the 9 key... this is an easy to use autoclicker, which I use (not in pvp servers...). You can also set it up to click how many times you want, how fast you want, left click/right click, single or double click... Really useful


ON Windows, you can get AutoHotKey and make a simple script like this: XButton1::LButton If that doesn't work switch out XButton1 for XButton2. This should do what you want without disabling left click.


You can set the side mouse button to the attack/destroy button in minecraft


You need to understand the scale of what you are proposing here. In case you can't read it (it's a bit small), the text in that screenshot says that the mod Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, which is roughly the size of a largeish Skyrim hold, and modifies virtually no existing Skyrim content, contains approximately 195,000 individual records. This is not counting the ...


Windows OS To install mods in the Cities Skylines usually, I will do this. In the browser Log in to Steam and navigate to the mod, e.g. Subscribe to the mod Once that is done, the Steam client automatically download the subscribed mod in the game computer/laptop On the computer (I am using ...

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