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What game is Internet Archive using to represent their MS-DOS collection?

I've found the game: it's Frankenstein (1994) by Merit Studios. This is the MS-DOS platformer, not the adventure game based on the movie that came out the same time. This is the first screen you see ...
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Which DOS game do these sprites of a little character and dragon come from?

Those are from Master of Magic. See this image for comparison
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Is Fable (1996) connected in any way to the Fable franchise from Lionhead Studios?

No, the games are unrelated. As you note, Fable was Simbiosis only release and received very middling reviews. Peter Molyneux still worked for Bullfrog at this time, working on Dungeon Keeper. So he ...
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How can I launch a modern game with DOSBox

You (probably) cannot. DOSBox is for an era of games that are around Windows 98 or earlier. Basically games that do not use any of the OS layer of modern operating system (we're talking about ...
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