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Steam Remote Play SLOW / stutters / buffers when In-Home Streaming - it connects via Relay and not Direct (no SteamLink)

When Valve released Remote Play, it seems there's a bug where multiple network adapters (from VPNs, virtual machines, etc.) can cause direct connections to fallback to relays too greedily. You need to ...
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Overwatch PNG, RTT and IND: How they affect gameplay experience

PNG = Ping = how long it takes you to contact the server IND = indication = how long it takes the server to tell you stuff RTT = round trip time = both of the above together
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Is it possible to play ultra graphics games online where the actual graphics computing is happening in remote location?

While streaming video is no problem (doesn't matter if you're watching YouTube or game feed), control latency is. Input from your controls will have to travel to remote location and then back with ...
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Overwatch PNG, RTT and IND: How they affect gameplay experience

https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/7779 Check under performance information. PNG: Ping -- the time it takes for packet to be sent to the server and back. RTT: Round Trip (Delay) Time -- ...
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Why does the Nintendo Switch only work with USB-LAN Adapters with the AX88179 chipset?

The data is indeed the same, but it's packaged in a different way. The adapters do not simply convert USB signals to Ethernet signals, and the computer cannot simply start sending Ethernet frames ...
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How to resolve Wii U networking dysfunction?

Found the solution. Apparently the Wii U is extremely sensitive to any "invisible" proxy services on your router or gateway server. Someone had actually turned on an invisible proxy server on the ...
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Is it still possible to play AOE2: The Age of Kings over a LAN?

I played the old version of AOE II with expansion for a long time over lan, including Windows 10. The only problems I ever had starting the game (ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10) was ...
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Why does ping get higher if the server is in a different region?

Network latency (sometimes called ping, after a tool used to measure it) can be affected by many things, but a big one is distance. This is why stock brokers get offices as close to the exchange as ...
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What are the required outbound IPs and ports on a spigot server?

For any Minecraft Server (including custom ones such as Spigot, Sponge and Bukkit/CraftBukkit), these are the only ports and addresses that you require in and out-bound traffic allowed to: Port 25565 ...
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What is the most reliable way to connect two PlayStation 4 consoles over LAN?

I've set up various large LAN parties involving multiple consoles (once with ~12 Xboxes for a Modern Warfare 2 party). If you're only hooking up two consoles, you can generally get away with a "...
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Would powerline networking be suitable for Steam link?

Steam Link is essentially streaming rendered gameplay and user input back and forth between multiple devices. This will require a reasonable amount of network bandwidth but more importantly, stable ...
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I can't connect to a friend's Minecraft server, but none of the usual culprits seem to be the problem

Here are some more things to try before giving up: Check that in your friend's server.properties the server-ip is set to your friend's internal ip NOT localhost or Try with a LAN server, ...
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How to trick WoW to play from network drive / NAS?

there is a way in windows to run wow but its clunky. you can go into disk management and create a virtual hard drive on the NAS and put wow in it. after wow is on the virtual hard drive you can mount ...
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Is it still possible to play AOE2: The Age of Kings over a LAN?

If you mean the old Windows 9x game, then... kind-of.... It uses an older style of LAN networking that is not used these days (I think it is IPX), and you would have difficulty installing and setting ...
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Can't connect to Steam servers and other gaming servers on Windows 10

Your ISP is likely transitioning to IPv6 using "IPv6 Dual-Stack Lite" or similar. In this method: When a user’s device sends an IPv4 packet to an external destination, DS-Lite encapsulates the ...
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Cannot connect to my Minecraft Java Edition Server: java.net.connectexception: Connection refused: no further information

Client and Server, either or both of them are not in the network. Yes it's possible that they are not connected to LAN or internet or any other network, in that case, Java will throw "java.net....
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How do I connect to a server using IPv6 in Minecraft?

There's currently no way to do this in unmodded (vanilla) Minecraft. I'd suggest buying a domain and using something like Dreamhost DNS to route the domain or a subdomain to the IP.
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Minecraft Java 1.17.1 Server Times Out Players Who Join Second or Teleport

Sounds like the server has a terrible uplink (probably less than 5Mbps), this would explain why the server operator doesn't get kicked while others do. A bit more technical explanation: the default ...
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How much data does SimCity transfer?

After the offline update in March of 2014 it is possible to play Simcity 2013 in offline mode. When the game is played in this state the online features of the game such as inter-city trading or ...
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How to play minecraft with friends without using LAN (Hamachi is too slow)

If you have access to your router or Firewall you can forward the Port: 25565 so they can connect to your router and get dirrected to your Server if they connect with the Port. If you dont have a ...
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Configure a local server for LAN play without access to the router?

Rent a (online) server, as you'll likely not be allowed to host any kind of server within your university network anyway. Also you'll get something that's easier to setup than what you're trying to ...
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PS4 drastic connection speed drop recently

I used to work for an ISP and there are some things that I can suggest assuming that you did not change anything yourself: - for best connection never use Wifi - do a speedtest from a wired machine ...
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Do paused downloads still have an impact on Internet or Wifi speed?

No, paused downloads should not affect your Wifi. However, note that downloads are not the only thing that will cause the Xbox One to use the internet. For example: The Xbox may check for updates ...
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How to play League of Legends when Cloud Flare is blacklisting your IP?

You can connect to a VPN, which will display another IP instead of your own. Your ping will probably become slightly higher depending on how far away the VPN server is. I'd recommend Mudfish for ...
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Is a (Dedicated) 4mbps line good enough for PS4?

Googling a bit regarding those games I've found that for example, Fortnite needs at least 3 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload, but the best results come around 10 Mbps (more info), I believe that ...
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Is there any benefit to having "NAT Type 1" (aka no NAT and publicly-routable IP) on a PlayStation?

A conclusive answer... probably not known except to developers for the PS4. However... NAT punch through is basically a solved problem now a days. You most like will never encounter a problem with ...
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Warframe: Strict NAT Detected

did you tried to disable "Enable UPnP" and "Enable NAT-PMP"? These two Services tries to tell your Router Ports to Forward to your Machine. If you manually set your Router to forward these ports to ...
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Ping spikes when starting a livestream (Discord/Twitch)

While the advice below still holds... The information you have recently provided, provided that it was obtained while the only devices connected to the internet were the speed-testing computer and the ...
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Problems with setting up my minecraft server via external IP

There are multiple thing to know and to check according your internet config. I give you a short checklist: Check on your local PC, that you server is running on the port you expect (Simpli try to ...
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What do I need to whitelist to allow Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to connect to servers?

It would be helpful to know what kind of firewall is blocking your traffic in order to get more specific answers. Anyway, you can't just whitelist all CoD IPs. There are simply too many possibilities ...
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