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Should I save books in my inventory in Neverwinter Nights?

The books only give you interesting stories, and sometimes backstories to in game events and characters, but there is no actual use. I'm a bit of a pack rat though, so I collected all of them in ...
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How can I buy single items from a merchant in NWN?

You can't, unfortunately. Items in a merchant's inventory are provided "as-is", including stack count. Normally items sold by the vendor will be singles, except for ammunition, but items you ...
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Does loot degenerate when breaking chests?

No, items do not get broken, you can bash to your hearts content. See here and here. However it is perfectly possible to script mods to destroy items, when you bash chests. So, your experience may ...
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How do I uninstall Neverwinter Nights on Windows 10?

If you need to manually uninstall NEVERWINTER NIGHTS PLATINUM EDITION or NEVERWINTER NIGHTS DIAMOND EDITION, follow these steps: Delete the folder where the game was installed Remove the entry from ...
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Missed some levers in Temple of the Winds?

So I went ahead and figured it out the hard way. ... if I move a lever twice. Will it become locked again? Seems that they would in fact become locked again. Apparently all levers must be pushed ...
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In Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced edition do the inflict wounds spells do critical damage?

All the Spells that have a Touch Attack can critical strike. With some Spells, instaed of have more damage you can have some scripted unique results. Neverwinter Nights Wiki - Critical Hit
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