It looks like the voice actor for Toad has changed over time. From this Wiki: Toad's voice was originally portrayed by Tomoko Maruno for the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64 (and later the first three Mario Party titles) and Isaac Marshall for the overseas version. Eventually, Jen Taylor, and then Kelsey Hutchinson, played Toad's voice for many ...


I have gotten a StreetPass for a course pack that I don't have. Here's what it looks like: It's locked, just like those records which contain levels that I haven't beat yet. It displays the normal ???? for coins, and says Course pack not downloaded instead of where it normally says the course pack name. If I press "A" to challenge that record, I get an ...


The times are different for each. Red: 5-9 minutes Yellow: 20-25 minutes Green: 10-19 minutes


Getting to a Star Toad House (the yellow ones) will give you a Gold Flower. You can also stuff a Gold Flower into your inventory if you collect a Mega Mushroom or an Invincibility Leaf while gold. Then all you have to do is finish the level.


Gold Flowers that are obtained within stages always expire at the end of that stage. The exception to that rule is Gold Flowers retrieved from Star Toad Houses, which are automatically deposited into your lower screen's inventory when you visit that Toad House. Star Toad Houses are the yellow Toad Houses that you see on the overworld map, contrasting the ...

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