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Can you play two different physical games at the same time with one Nintendo switch account?

Yes, the same user can be playing different games on different systems. I've tested this using Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Pokemon Sword/Shield. You can even be playing different ...
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Nintendo account with Super Mario Run

Yes, it will. I purchased the upgrade on my iPad. When I ran Super Mario Run on my iPhone, after logging in to my Nintendo account, it not only synced the purchase but my progress (levels completed, ...
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Can a Nintendo Account's games be shared across multiple Switches in a household?

Suppose that you buy a game digitally such as Overcooked, for example. In your primary console, as long as you have downloaded the game, anyone that is logged in can play Overcooked. In your non-...
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How to install the same game in a Switch console with a parent account and a second Switch console with a child account?

1) Generally, a game can only be played if an account that purchased the game is present on the console. So, unless you install the parent account on the Switch Lite, it should not be possible to ...
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How can I create Switch accounts in other nationalities?

I haven't done this since downloading the Monster Hunter XX demo, but if I recall correctly it was surprisingly easy. First up make a new Nintendo account at ...
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Can I use multiple accounts on the Nintendo Switch and buy 1 download game per account (and use them all)?

Before I answer the question(s), let me remind you that selling accounts is against the Terms of Use (ToS) of both Sony and Nintendo: Sony: COMMUNITY CODE OF CONDUCT [...] You may not sell, buy, ...
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Primary / secondary Switch accounts

On my wife's Switch I set up her user with a Nintendo account. I then verified that the Nintendo account had her Switch flagged as the primary. Finally, I purchased the Animal Crossing DLC with her ...
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If I buy a DLC for SSB Ultimate that my child has bought on my Switch will it mess anything up?

No, it will not, the character(s) you bought will just be added to the roster in all accounts, no need to battle them first.
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Will I lose anything by changing my Nintendo Account’s region?

No. You won't lose anything because the Switch uses a “Nintendo account”, and the WiiU uses a “Nintendo ID account”. Even if they are linked and you change the region on the Nintendo account, the ...
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Buying things on switch

No, it will not charge your other accounts. I am assuming that you are talking about the Nintendo Gold Points. If you want to buy a game using Nintendo Gold Points, then head over to the account that ...
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Fortnite on Nintendo Switch - Multiple Epic accounts?

I contacted Epic Support directly and got assistance via chat. The representative was helpful, and I will relay what was relayed to me. None of this is legal advice. I will do my best to explain what ...
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Is it possible to share Nintendo accounts with multiple Switches playing different games simultaneously?

According to Reddit: You can have the account on three Switches, but you will have one Primary and two secondary Switches (Switch B and Switch C). If Switch B is playing a digital game bought in the ...
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Multiple Profiles/Players on New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokémon Snap doesn't allow for creating multiple saves under one profile. It relies on the built-in profile system on the Switch to manage multiple saves. If you can't play on more than one ...
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If I buy a DLC for SSB Ultimate that my child has bought on my Switch will it mess anything up?

This will not break or mess up anything. Your accounts are still separate, even though they are parent/child accounts.
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Nintendo Account ban affects a Nintendo Network ID registered before?

It's certainly possible that if you linked your NNID to your console and connected to Nintendo's servers with it, then Nintendo could have a record of your NNID account connected to your Switch's ...
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Can I transfer my Nintendo Switch Account to a new owner?

The usual advice for reselling a Switch is as follows: Transfer your data to a Switch which you will be keeping, if any. If you can't do this, you may lose any save data that wasn't backed up to the ...
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Uploading Minecraft PC Bedrock world to Realms for playing on Nintendo Switch

Have you bought a realm under his account? If so it should be visible under the worlds tab on both devices. Edit the realm (click the pen icon) on PC and find the "Replace World" button. ...
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