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How can I copy a ROM from a DS cartridge to my computer?

There is no way to dump DS cartridges without using either a DS and some kind of flash cart or perhaps a 3DS and homebrew... unless you are willing to make your own custom hardware (no simple task). ...
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How does the Nintendo 3DS play DS games?

This is not emulation, many of the NDS components are present in the 3DS exclusively to run DS games. The 5 - 8 sec black screen when launching an NDS game is there because the console starts the ...
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Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald and Leaf Green with DS Lite?

No there is no way for any version of the DS to make use of the multiplayer functions of any GameBoy Advance cartridge, the system lacks the physical capacity to use either link cables or the GBA ...
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I'm stuck in an endless loading screen. Is this normal?

I would suggest you do make sure you are using the right version for your card and that you removed the previous files required on the SD card so that only the new files are there, otherwise version ...
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When emulating Nintendo DS, are ARM-based devices at an advantage over x86?

I find that I get much better performance on the ARM device. Has this got anything to do with architecture? Yes, it has. Without trying to bore you with technical details, running code is a lot ...
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What's inside a DS Lite slot cover?

The serial number for the cartridge is USG-005. The serial number on the PCB is C/USG-D01-01.
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How many types of charging ports do Nintendo handhelds have?

You need 5 different chargers, one for each of these groups: Gameboy Micro GBA SP & Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and the entire (New) 2/3DS family. The entire Nintendo Switch ...
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How to create a wifi hotspot without password / with WEP security?

I have your same problem. You get that error because your configuration does not support hosted networks, or simply you don't have the specific driver. You can check this typing in an admin command ...
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Can I cheat my way to get a no longer tradeable Pokemon and then transfer it to a newer game?

If you have a legitimate copy of Platinum, there is a chance you can use the exploit mentioned here: ...
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My Pokemon White 2 cartridge only shows "Save data could not be accessed"

From similar reports online, it sounds like the issue is most likely caused by either corrosion of the electronics inside the cartridge, or small hairline breaks of the gold contacts on the cartridge. ...
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What memory size can a R4i work with?

According to this article and personal experience, the R4i SDHC model supports micro-sd cards up to 32GB in size. The new R4 SDHC card suddenly allowed capacities of up to 32GB to be used with an ...
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How can I copy a ROM from a DS cartridge to my computer?

You can insert the cartridge into a modded 3DS and use GM9 to copy the .NDS file from the game cartridge directory to your SD card. Works similarly with a modded DS. I, myself, have used the modded ...
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Real DS to emulated Pokemon trade / Mystery Gift?

While I maybe could try and search for another cartridge of that generation to save my pokemons, it would probably be faster to just emulate the game, and trade with that, with the additional ...
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Why won't the "Migrate from" option appear on my Heart Gold game?

Did you get all of the games from the same place? They may be fakes, which do not work in the Pal Park. Try looking at this guide to detect if it is a fake. Here's a summary: Check the Nintendo logo, ...
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How can I backup NDS .sav files to my computer?

I don't think you can. Save files for pokemon games are stored on the cartridge.
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What is the conversion rate from USD to Nintendo Points?

The conversion of USD to Nintendo Points are set by Nintendo, so there are no "fixed" prices. As of June 15, 2016, 2000 Nintendo Points costs $19.99 USD, so the value is currently 1ยข USD = 1 Nintendo ...
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