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How many types of charging ports do Nintendo handhelds have?

You need 5 different chargers, one for each of these groups: Gameboy Micro GBA SP & Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and the entire (New) 2/3DS family. The entire Nintendo Switch ...
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Did not working after year and a half

check your actual outlet by plugging something like a lamp into it. obviously, if nothing happens with the lamp when you try turning it on, then that outlet is dead, and you should try another outlet. ...
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How can I backup NDS .sav files to my computer?

I don't think you can. Save files for pokemon games are stored on the cartridge.
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How do I recover and/or delete a game on 3DS?

unfortunately this wont be possible, unless it's available on the SD card. If it is, you could try be sure to try the following ...
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