This is for questions regarding the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL versions. DO NOT use this tag for questions regarding any other Nintendo DS/3DS unit.

The Nintendo DSi is a handheld unit released in 2009 by Nintendo. Like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite before it, it sports two screens, and a stylus for the bottom touchscreen. Unlike the two before it, the DSi lacks a Game Boy Advance port, and features software that can be downloaded from the DSi Shop using the Nintendo Points system.

It is capable of accepting all DSi games and most DS cards, but Game Boy Advance cartridges and DS games that require use of the GBA port can't be used because the DSi has no GBA port.

A larger model, the Nintendo DSi XL, was released in late 2009. It improved many details over the DSi, including battery life, screen size, brightness adjustment, and audio quality.