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My 3DS got wet, what did I lose and what can I recover?

Assuming the 3DS cannot be repaired, there's good news and not-as-good news (and maybe a little bad news) I'll start with --- The good news: Game Cartridges: all your save data is stored on the ...
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Is the Nintendo network ban tied to NNID or the console?

Based on a few other links I've found, it appears to be the 3DS and not the account that gets banned. Take this link for example. It contains the following screenshot: According to that screenshot, ...
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How is 3DS' online gaming experience affected by China's Great Firewall?

Error code 001-0502 is a network problem, as stated in the Nintendo website. To solve it, change your 3DS DNS to or or try using a VPN. Also, it appears that you may need China Unicom ...
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If I just purchased a game, but canceled the download, how do I get it back?

You can re-download them via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check “Redownloads” in the Nintendo Switch eShop (in your account information). Any games that have been purchased or redeemed on the ...
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My 3DS got wet, what did I lose and what can I recover?

Disassemble the device and brush the PCB with a soft toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol (90%+), wash the PCB with alcohol again and let it dry for about 12-24 hours (alcohol damps fast). It might fix ...
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Is it possible to reuse 3DS nintendo account on a Switch? Is there any benefit in doing so?

According to this Nintendo Support article, you cannot directly use the account you set up with your 3DS. A 3DS system uses an account that is tied to a Nintendo Network ID, which functions ...
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Can I delete an account on my Nintendo 3DS XL without a password?

The digital purchases on the eshop are tied to the account. If you change the account you will lose access to the games. As per Nintendo Support: Digital game purchases are final, and cannot be ...
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Are 3DS eshop games console bound?

I don't think so. According to Nintendo FAQs: Your Nintendo Network ID is tied to your software and/or additional content you have purchased and downloaded. If you format the console setting ...
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Can I create a new NNID account (or use a different one) and still keep the games I have in the first account?

No, you will lose the games or be forced to transfer them to another system. Games are tied to both the system and the NNID. The 3DS only supports one NNID to be linked to it at a time, unlike the ...
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Can I get event Pokemon into my game card even if my 3DS is broken?

There is no problem about it. You can use your Pokemon game in another 3DS and type your codes to obtain your Pokemons. The game is not linked to any 3DS console or Nintendo ID. It can be linked to a ...
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My 3DS got wet, what did I lose and what can I recover?

I went through a similar experience a few months ago, and have two things to say, both to the asker and to anyone else seeing this question: First off, even if it's been a week and your 3DS won't ...
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Can I use my Nintendo eShop balance to buy a present for a friend?

There is no such option possible. The best thing you can do is to buy an online code and give this key to your friend. Another option is to borrow the 3DS, put money on the account, buy the game, ...
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Are 3DS eshop games console bound?

They are not from my experience. I have bought several games on the eShop and transferred from an old 3DS to a New 3DS and all of the games came with my profile. As long as you have the same NNID you ...
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Nintendo Account ban affects a Nintendo Network ID registered before?

It's certainly possible that if you linked your NNID to your console and connected to Nintendo's servers with it, then Nintendo could have a record of your NNID account connected to your Switch's ...
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Will I keep the progress for my 3DS games if I delete my Nintendo Network ID?

According to Nintendo, game save data is saved directly to the physical game cartridge. So, deleting anything on your 3DS shouldn't affect the save data stored in the cartridges. There seems to be ...
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Pokémon bank and home

If you delete your NNID, you'll lose any digital content or purchases made on that account. If you delete your Bank, the NNID will no longer be linked to that bank (because that bank does not exist), ...
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Is it possible to use the same Nintendo Network ID on two 3DS?

No, the official Nintendo site explains this below http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2210/~/can-i-log-into-my-nintendo-network-id-on-a-different-system%3F The summary ...
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Is my NNID region locked?

Apparently, yes. Nintendo Enthusiast reports: Nintendo UK has released a new FAQ on the Nintendo Network ID on the 3DS, essentially explaining that it will region lock eShop games on the ...
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Is the Nintendo network ban tied to NNID or the console?

Actually, both kinds of ban exist. Device bans are usually handed out for piracy involving firmware modifications, since NNID on such systems has no value as it can be easily re-created. There are ...
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Super Mario Run parent/child DLC sharing?

To answer my own question, I had to buy the game twice. Each NNID holds its own DLC, I was not able to reuse this even though the accounts are linked together. This is sort of what I expected, but ...
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3ds Nintendo network id link to a new ds

You can call Nintendo at their service line (1-800-255-3700) and they can help "unlock" your account from your old DS. You will need your Nintendo Network ID, birthday, possible your email, and you ...
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If I create a new Nintendo ID, can I still play my games I have downloaded to an SD card?

You cannot, unfortunately. If you try to use an SD card with games saved on them from a different NNID, you will not be able to access them as the new NNID will not have a license for the content on ...
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How will system transfer affect my Pokémon X (and other games') data?

As for games, the only things that actually get saved local are the updates from the internet. All your data and saves from the game are safe in your game chip. You won't lose all your legendary ...
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Creating a new Nintendo network ID on 3DS with games on it

Your assumption of there not being an NNID on the system is correct. However, you cannot create a new NNID without losing the games and save data.
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Pokemon Omega Ruby Bundle Transfer

You can make sure that your downloaded game is located on your SD card. When you reset your NNID account it shouldn't affect your SD card. To be safe you can remove your SD card before you reset your ...
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Are 3DS eshop games console bound?

I can confirm that they are linked to the account in question and NOT the 3DS themselves. In my line of work I often have to wipe 3DS's and sometimes I'm asked to download content from the store (that ...
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I want to reformat my 3ds system, but there is a software that came with it on the DS. I don't want the progress on it deleted. Is that possible?

Your brother got a 3DS with a preinstalled game, that means at that point when he created a Nintendo ID the game was linked to his Account which means he will loose the game and its progress if you ...
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