First tip is actually the screws. Article from IGN on Wiimote disassembly The screws are suppose to be triwings (Y shaped), and one needs a special screwdriver for them. The fact that they are using standard Philips screws seems to indicate a counterfeit.


It's definitely not an official Nintendo remote, unless there's a regional manufacturing difference I'm unaware of. There's no Wii logo! Do a Google image search for "wii remote" and look at the bottom. It is not "counterfeit". If it were, it would have the Wii logo.


All evidence suggests... It's most definitely a counterfeit (or an unlicensed generic brand) External clues First tip is actually the screws (see this article from IGN on Wiimote disassembly: The screws are suppose to be Y shaped, and you were suppose to need a special screw driver for them. The fact that they are using standard Philips screws seems to ...


From the Wii start screen select the Wii button in the bottom left of the screen to open up Wii menu: On the Wii menu select Wii Settings to open up System Settings: Press the blue arrow on the right twice to get to System Settings 3: Select "Format Wii System Memory".


I first emailed Disney Interactive Support, who pointed me towards the developers of the game: Unfortunately, we here at Disney Interactive Support do not have any insight on the details of the game's development, such as who was involved in music composition. With this said, we encourage you to contact the Development Team for the game, Behavior ...


Wii Classic The original Wii supports GameCube games on disc, and has GameCube controller ports hidden under a plastic door. Wii Family Edition There is an "updated" Wii that goes by "Wii Family Edition" on the retail box. It is identical in many ways to the old style Wii, down to the form factor. However, it does not support GameCube discs or ...


You need to roll (double tap X on Xbox, not sure what the binding is in Wii) with a character into the cabinet to knock the key off the shelf.


The red and orange lights indicate whether the Wii is connected to the Nintendo Network or not. If the light is red, it means your Wii isn't connected and won't get mail, updates, etc. until you start it again, while the orange light means it is connected.


Here are a few things you can do, to improve the speed on Dolphin: (Source: Dolphin Wiki Performance Guide) Config General Enable Dual Core checked. Usually enabled by default, improves performance on multi-core systems. Enable Idle Skipping checked. Usually enabled by default. JIT Recompiler (enabled by default) or JITIL experimental recompiler. Audio ...


You require the physical Wii and an SD card to move everything over. Note that this is a "move", not a "copy"; everything that gets put on the Wii U will be deleted from the Wii. Important! You will need to have both the Wii U and Wii on hand to perform a system transfer. [...] 3. If I transfer my games from Wii to Wii U, can I keep the games on ...


Just to make things clear: there is no such a thing as a "Wii U Balance Board"; there has only ever been one model of the Balance Board. The one you get in the Wii Fit U console bundle is actually the same board that was sold with the original Wii Fit. Some online retailers may erroneously call it "Wii U Balance Board", while it's actually "Wii Balance Board"...


If you look at a official wiimote it will say Nintendo on each of the plastic case parts. It may be due to the quality of your photos but I do not see the brand name anywhere on it. This absence of the word Nintendo marks it as a counterfeit immediately. It may still function correctly but it is not an official wiimote.


There are two parts to the game's progress. There's the story progress, which is stored in the game's save file, and there's character progress. Starting one over would not affect the other. To start the game from scratch, you can either: a. Choose a different save slot upon starting the game (I know the PS3 version allows three save slots, but I don't know ...


Yes, but note that both games require the Nunchuck attachment as well. Requirements Twilight Princess requires any kind of Remote, and a Nunchuck attachment. Skyward Sword requires a Remote, MotionPlus, and a Nunchuck attachment. Controllers There are two versions of the original Remote (or "Wiimote"): The original Remote has more limited motion ...


Remember, the answer is based on this official guideline by Nintendo. Basically, you go to the third page of settings of your Wii and then select 'Format Wii System Memory'. Then press 'Format' and TA-DA! Warm note: after you reset it all the data will POOF gone. You can't restore it.


I have the problem myself and only have seen it in Skyward Sword, none of my other games show graphical issues. Some digging online shows it to be a hardware issue--your Wii's GPU is a bit fried. Not enough to ruin the graphics in other games, but since Zelda runs a more advanced graphical engine and pushes the Wii harder with depth of field effects it ...


Ending Blow – When enemy is on the ground, target with Z, then attack with A Shield Attack – Target enemy with Z, then move nunchuk sharply forward. Back Slice – Target enemy with Z, hold ← or → on the nunchuk and press A to dodge. Hit A again to roll, then swing the Wiimote to attack. Helm Splitter – Perform a shield attack, then hit A. Jump ...


To re-enable the menu, hold down B on the GameCube controller when starting the game. This should work for all GameCube titles supporting progressive scan. The Wii settings will not be used, since not all games support progressive scan - hence, it cannot default to this.


The game requires a Nunchuk for each player, you cannot play it with Wii remote alone, sorry...


As you're referring to your bow, you've probably just left the first dungeon, meaning you don't have any arrows. Without arrows, the bow is unequippable. Buy \ Find some arrows and you should be able to equip the bow to your B menu, alternatively, find another item you can equip (bombs, boomerang, etc).


Wii systems tend to be less problematic when purchased used, since Wii mods and hardware failures are a bit more rare compared to their install base. It's still possible to get a lemon, or a modified console, so do your research ahead of time. Wii remotes tend to take a decent amount of abuse as well, owing to the fact that many of the games are aimed at ...


The Wii's sensor bar isn't really a sensor, per se. It's a pair of infrared LEDs mounted some distance apart. Since it's so simple, it's easily duplicated. I've heard of people even just putting lit candles on either side of their TV, which put off a considerable amount of infrared, although fire and electronics don't seem like a good mix to me. I'd say ...


No, you can't. This is a feature in specific games, not a feature in the Wii itself, so can't be used to screenshot games without this feature.


The Wii U gamepad (the one with the touch screen) and Wii U pro controller will not work on a Wii, and in fact do not work on the Wii mode the Wii U itself has. All Wiimotes, including those with Wii Motion Plus (the only "new" remotes I'm aware of) will work with both Wii U and Wii systems. There are no new "remotes" for Wii U. The Wiimotes sold for Wii U ...


A Wii running in GameCube mode isn't emulating a GameCube, it is a GameCube - it reconfigures its hardware to run at the same clock speeds, etc. There are a tiny number of differences: Some unlicensed software (e.g. FreeLoader) may not work, since the Wii has stricter checks against these (especially after Wii update 3.3). There's no way to hook up an ...


All I do is take a picture on my cameraphone


The Nintendo channel provides downloadable demos for the DS (like a download station you'd see in a GameStop or so). The WiiWare shop area in the Shop Channel supposedly has some downloadable demos, but not a whole bunch (if any). Nintendo is fairly stingy about demos... Another option may be to just install the Homebrew Channel and whatever homebrew ...


The most important difference, besides the Gamecube Games and Accessories support, is that it doesn't support using Gamecube controllers for the over 50 Wii Games that implement this function. One notable example of such a game is Bomberman Blast, which can be played with 8 players at the time (4 on wiimotes + 4 on Gamecube controllers), but is limited to ...

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