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I had a similar problem with the usbloader gx not being able to recognize my games after a few months of it working. Some things that helped me. run usbloader-gx from the sd card reinstall all the cios versions like the guides online suggest (using d2x-cios) re-downloading it and reinstalling usbloader-gx into the apps folder I don't know which of those ...


I know you can play Aus games on Euro and vise versa but I don't think you can play games from Aus/Euro to US. Not happening. Tried it once, DIDN'T WORK! Boom boom. Sick sad world.


Short answer no. Longer answer probably At one point I had a third party, rechargeable battery pack that had a usb port on the back, it likely worked while plugged in but I have misplaced it and cannot try it. You can probably cut a usb cable and wire it into the back of the controller. Drill a small hole in the battery cover for the wire. A resistor ...


If you hack the wii and use nintendont to load your gamecube games, you can play the games with a wiimote and nunchuck or the wii classic controller plugged into the wiimote as well as other usb hid compatible controllers. Without using home brew you can only play with a gamecube controller.

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