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Why isn't OBS Studio picking up my game audio?

OBS is not picking up game audio since the audio mixer is set all the way to the left. Drag the slider for Desktop Audio all the way to the right, or at your desired volume. That will allow your OBS ...
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I got a random error on OBS, now I can't record my PS4 anymore - how do I fix this?

the language above is dutch I dont know why but I typed it into google says you are missing a dll file which should be located in the directory shown below it. your best bet is to ...
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How do I stream WITH FULLSCREEN for specific program in OBS?

OBS must be run with Administrator permissions in order to hook into the full screen rendering process. So right click on the shortcut for OBS and click "Run as Administrator". This is tedious to do ...
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Why isn't OBS picking up my game audio?

Make sure you've got the actual audio being sent to the tracks - go into Advanced Audio Properties and check your audio sends.
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Can't hear game audio when streaming PS3 with Elgato HD60S+ and OBS

My best bet is HDCP(wikipedia link), and here's explanation on Elgato Support page (it also states that capturing PS3 isn't supported). Since you can hear XMB sound when you're not playing game, ...
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OBS doesn't detect Capture Card audio

I had to add a checkmark on "Use custom audio device" which opened a dropdown in which I picked "Digital Audio Interface (2- USB Digital Audio)"
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How to configure my Streamlab OBS to capture my CSGO full screen?

You can change this within Streamlabs. Right-click the screen itself and go to 'Transform'. From there, stretch it to fit the screen. That should fix it.
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Bitrate and Resolution Settings for Recording osu! with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with a GTX 1060 Laptop?

Framerate drops like this are almost always caused by an overload of your graphics processor. Even though a GTX 1060 is pretty good and designed to handle most modern games at 60FPS, adding OBS ...
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Game recording. Play on one device record on another

I run a few tests with the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) which is free and it appear to be verry laggy. While in gameplay all seems normal but afterwards when I watch the video lags appear after a ...
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