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I believe that the target will receive the full amount of healing, that is to say, if one shot from her Biotic Rifle deals 70 damage/healing, two shots will deal 140 damage/healing. This can be experienced during the no limits matches where multiple Ana are healing one target, and the target is back to full health extremely quickly. The overlap that occurs ...


Genji thrives on movement and assassination. He has the potential to deal out massive damage, but he does have some counters in the game. Heroes that negate or match his movement are critical, and beam weapons cannot be deflected with Genji's ability. While this list is non-exhaustive, it should get you started. I'll be splitting them out by role, and these ...


Gengi and tracer are almost the same. They are squishy assassins type characters. So what are their counters? Something that can land a stun, prevent the assassination and kill them on the spot. Things like Reinhart or McRee, that have an instant stun that will prevent them doing damage and mostly kill them on the spot.

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