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I'd disagree with the other answer and suggest it's a pun on 'rip-cord', the cord you pull to open the parachute, or I've known it as the cord you pull to start a (for example) lawnmower motor (though I can't find any references to that online). Wikipedia also suggests it's the term for the thing you pull to start a Beyblade spinning. Given that Junkrat ...


I forgot to respond to this after this year's Halloween event. Based on observation from a lot of games, the Zombardiers target whichever player/entity does the most damage during the first 3 mini-waves (center, left, right) and will only fire on other players if their primary target is out of line of sight or if their primary target dies. It's not clear ...


It's a pun on both "rip tide" and "ripcord", the cord pulled the start the tire, with "RIP" being capitalized as in "rest in peace".

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