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I get huge FPS drops when I move my mouse in certain games

So, I have done testing with my old 1080 as suggested by Timmy Jim... sadly and shockingly, it didn't change the situation. However, other suggestion made by Vilx- to turn off the nVidia's share - ...
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Resident Evil HD Remaster is stuttering, and movement is in slow motion

Open the task manager, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, and then run the game for a minute. Then close the game or minimize it and check the task manager screen, you should see activity on your 1660 Ti if everything ...
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Does OptiFine make Minecraft run smoother or slower on a low-end gaming PC?

If you are experiencing significant lag-spikes, it is most likely because your settings are set to high quality. Try lowering them to make the game run faster (for example, I have a Ryzen 3 CPU, and I ...
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