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Does EVERY brand new PlayStation TV ship with 3.60 firmware or lower?

It looks like this you won't find a new, unopened PS TV with firmware past 3.60. From what I can tell, this is likely due to the fact that PS TVs were discontinued early this year, see here: A ...
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Port Forwarding for Playstation TV

As the PS TV works over Wifi, no port-forwarding is required to connect to the PS4. What you need to do is possibly connect the PS TV using ethernet to improve the connection. If you cannot connect ...
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Are Vita TV and PlayStation TV compatible?

Yes. In fact the PlayStation TV is basically the PSVITA Chipset in a SetTopBox, with very little software customization. So, just like PSV, it is region free. To run all PS Vita games, you'll need to ...
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What games can the Vita TV (PlayStation TV) play?

The selection of games the PSTV can play is determined by a whitelist, which means that instead of playing all games except explicitly disallowed ones, it plays no games except for explicitly approved ...
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