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Can players on different teams work together to attack a gym?

Updated mechanics with the release of Gyms V2 a few years ago: Yes Gyms can be challenged by multiple Trainers at the same time, including trainers from the opposing teams (coming together to defeat ...
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If two Pokemon share a type advantage, does it matter which I pick to battle with?

In addition to considering defensive type advantage (such as bringing Alolan Exeggutor, which resists water 4x), you should focus on the stats and moves rather than just typing. Jolteon and Exeggutor ...
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Total distance walked with buddy pokemon doesn't match evolution distance

"Walk together" counts distance while they are your buddy, whether or not they're on the map. "Walk with your buddy" only counts distance when the buddy is on the map walking with ...
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Why can't I spin a Pokéstop?

The spin limit is 1200 per 24 hours. Reference: In-depth look at the Pokestop spin limit mechanics - Reddit /r/PoGoAndroidSpoofing
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No visible leaves on Pokemon Go

The 'Leaves' mechanic has been removed from Pokemon Go In 2017, the "leaves" and "footsteps" mechanics were removed entirely. Instead, when selecting a nearby Pokemon from the ...
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