A series of role-playing and other genres of games based around creatures called "Pokémon". Use this tag for questions about the series of games as a whole. Use the individual tags for questions about specific games, or the generation tags for questions that are relevant to all games in a Generation.

Debuting in 1996, Pokémon was initially released by Game Freak and Creatures Inc, for Nintendo. The series centers around Pokémon, monsters that can be caught and trained, in order to fight tougher Pokémon.

As your Pokémon battle, they gain experience. Upon gaining enough, they can level up, learn new moves, and have better stats. Certain species of Pokémon can evolve into other Pokémon, primarily when reaching a specific level, but often through other means such as using a specific item, or trading the Pokémon to another player.

The main series shares many similarities, primarily the main objective and start. Players take the role of a teenager, who is given a starter Pokémon and a pokédex from the local Pokémon professor. The player can then progress from town to town, with the primary focus of defeating each towns gym leader, in order to earn the rights to face the elite four. The player is given two core objectives; Fill the pokédex by capturing each and every available Pokémon, and defeat the elite four.

The series started out with 151 different Pokémon, many of which evolve from weaker Pokémon. The series now contains over 1000 individual Pokémon, across nine generations, and countless spin-offs. What makes this series particularly unique is that, even in the core series, there are a number of alternate versions. Various Pokémon will appear in one version, but not the other, forcing players to trade with other trainers in order to complete the pokédex. It is not uncommon for a 'special edition' to be released, that offers greater variation from the two core titles, or for a set to be re-released, with the Pokémon and mechanics of newer generations.


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