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Why is Tangela immune to hypnosis in Pokémon Stadium?

Most likely, you were in a battle with the Sleep Clause activated, which states that you can only put a single opponent to sleep at any given time. If you had put a different Pokémon to sleep, then ...
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Do opponents' Pokémon's Power Points deplete?

This was fixed for Pokemon Stadium. I own the game, and can recall battles where the opponent ran out of PP and stopped using said moves. In fact I beat Prime Cup R2 by PP stalling the Mew's ...
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Does the AI "cheat-peek" when selecting which Pokémon to send out?

There is definitely a fixed outcome of events, specifically for Pokémon Stadium 2, so no, it's not just a coincidence. I used to mess around with the save states when I played the Stadium 2 emulator. ...
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Does the AI "cheat-peek" when selecting which Pokémon to send out?

After some research I've looked and from my limited knowledge I can say it's likely just you. Based on some sleuthing Pokemon Stadium (and likely 2) are based on Pokemon Red / Green which after ...
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