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It is indeed possible for Falco to use his shine on opposing space animals' recoveries, but whether you should is quite another matter: Falco's shine hits people upwards. If you're trying to ruin someone's recovery, hitting them up is not going to do much for that. Fox's shine is much more effective for this because it hits sideways. The hitbox of Falco's ...


It's not possible to play backups with Riivolution, as the development team is concerned about issues with piracy. Using USB loader GX instead, it can be done with their built-in Ocarina cheat support. I had difficulty finding any good guides for this now that the PMDev team has stopped working on the project, but generally the procedure is identical to ...


Since you're asking for Melee, here's the answer: No. Stage elements, items, and shields do not cause attacks to stale when hit (and therefore also do not refresh other moves). In addition, moves that hit multiple opponents at once only stale by one level.

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