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How do I sprint in Destiny 2 while using Remote Play?

From what I've been able to find thus far, the remote play controls for Destiny 2 are the same as the remote play controls for the first Destiny. Sprint should be mapped D-pad Down. PS Vita remote ...
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Can I turn off my PS4 with my Vita using Remote Play?

It's definitely possible to turn off your PS4 from your Vita using Remote Play. Instead of holding down the Vita's PS button, you have to press it. When the overlay pops up, you have to hold your ...
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Continue game on another PS4

What you are looking for is PS4 to PS4 remote play and this is not possible. There is a solution though. While it didn't get much love, the PlayStation TV will allow you to do exactly what you want to ...
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Continue game on another PS4

There really aren't many choices on this. The best way to actually to do what you are wanting to accomplish is via usb/cloud transfer files between PlayStations. The only way to do it without ...
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Is possible to use a 3rd Party Controller or Mouse + Keyboard on the Windows PS4 Remote Play App?

Since ViGEm supports emulation of a DualShock 4, I dug around frameworks which utilize ViGEm. As a result, I discovered two promising solutions: VDX is a mere demo application, but is still powerful ...
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How many players can join a couch co-op game via PS Remote Play?

Sadly, there is a limit of one Remote Play connection per console. In other words, if one player is connected via PS Remote Play (or any 3rd party Remote Play implementations like Chiaki), the rest ...
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PS4 wont beep twice and wont display

With the console switched off, press and hold the power button for as long as it takes to hear the two beeps. The console may switch on with a single beep, switch off again, and then start with two ...
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Is it possible to use PS4 remote play on PC while someone else uses another account to watch videos on YouTube?

I don't think so, Remote Play screencasts PS4 output on another device, so what you will se on your device will be the actual PS4 screen. Logging in with another account on your PS4 will show the ...
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Playing different ps4 games on two different devices using different accounts on each device

No this is not possible with one PS4. Remote play allows you to use the PS4 as normal from another device. So if you are already using the PS4 then you can't use it for remote play. To play ...
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Mirroring PS4 to PC without capture card

I use remote play to stream and the only better option is having a capture card tank all the bandwidth and modulate a medium for streaming all audio and game amd music etc
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Continue game on another PS4

Here is information on the various possibilities I found and tried, and their most obvious pros and cons. To summarize, the best solution is the PlayStation TV (about $60 on eBay). Share Play - PROS: ...
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Continue game on another PS4

No, because everything that's going on with the PS4 in one room is stored in that machine's memory and cannot be transferred to another console. You don't say if the game is on a Blu-Ray but if it is,...
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Is it possible to chat with other players via the PS4 Remote Play app?

At present Remote Play for PC/Mac does not support microphone use through the DS4 or PC/Mac audio inputs. However, if connected directly to your PC/Mac output you can still hear other Party members. ...
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