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Do games for some PlayStation versions work for other PlayStation versions?

It depends. Each console generation uses different hardware, which behave differently. Code written for one hardware will not necessarily work for another. This is especially true for consoles, which ...
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Are these symptoms of a bad PS1 memory card or a bad PS2?

When I bought my PS2, all the official cards were sold out, so I bought a knock off one. I don't remember the brand, but it gave me nothing but problems, including the formatting issue you're having. ...
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Why do some PS1 games not recognise the controller when the Analog button is pressed?

In short, yes, the controller is very different in Analogue mode. The first PSX games weren't programmed to account for the analogue input and the extra data would just mess with the game in ...
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Why is reading/writing memory cards slow in PS1 emulators?

It absolutely has everything to do with timing. Keep in mind that though the PS1 was advanced for it's time, it was still pretty basic by today's standards. Both CD read times were fixed as we're ...
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Unwanted Menu Shown in PSX Fullscreen Mode

Right click the psxfin executable, go to properties, go to compatibility, tick disable fullscreen optimizations. You're welcome, it was bothering me too!
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Is there a way to check the special moves in-game in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater?

As mentioned by Jeff Mercado, there unfortunately isn't any way to check your special tricks in game. For reference, here is a complete list of special tricks for THPS1 on the PS1. Skater: ...
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How can I run a .BIN file with the ePSXe emulator?

Literally change the extension to .iso. You can do this manually by editing the filename, you should probably get a warning verifying that you want to change the extension. If you have a file with ...
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How does PCSXR deal with region requests?

For those aspects of 'regions' that do not actually affect the physical functioning of the hardware (I.e. those regions that are just labels arbitrarily assigned), there is no problem with emulators. ...
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PCSXR plays .BIN but not .ISO images - why?

The difference between an ISO file and a BIN is minor what the emulators are usually looking for is the CUE file and which provides CD track information. Many CDs contain multiple tracks and a CUE ...
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How do I set up my Playstation 1 emulator files?

.ecm is a file extension often used in emulation to save a bit of space. You need a tool to convert it back to a usable format. Something like ECM tools
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PlayStation 1 games that read saved data for other games?

Metal Gear Solid at some point does this too, and Gran Turismo 2, if you got all licences in GT1 you can save up time in GT2 by most than half if I recall correctly. There was an option in my old PC ...
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What was the PS1's Parallel I/O port used for?

I could not find any product planned or yet alone sold by Sony which uses that port. But there were 3rd party products which used it, for example cheat cartridges like GameShark: These cartridges ...
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How to obtain as best as possible video quality in PSX/PS2 on modern TV

It's unlikely that converting the composite signal to HDMI will result in a significantly better quality than wiring it directly to the TV. The cheap converters are generally not much better than what ...
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How to obtain as best as possible video quality in PSX/PS2 on modern TV

The best way to get the highest possible quality is to use one of those Digital to Digital Converters. They are mods installed inside of the console that take the digital video signal before it goes ...
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Was there an official set of Composite Cables for the PS1/2/3 using the "Premium" RCA Connectors?

Was there an official set of Composite Cables for the PS1/2/3 using the "Premium" RCA Connectors? Yes You're after SCPH-10500, sometimes known as 'gold plated' composite A/V cables (due to ...
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What's the best way to collect all Goodies in Runabout 2?

Yes, after getting to the end of the game all missions become selectable from a menu and all Goodies can be collected this way.
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How to set BIOS file in go PSX emulator free?

If you already have a BIOS file you still need to put it in the correct location. From PSX tutorial regarding BIOS setup: Extract the BIOS from its zip file. Drag "Scph1001.bin" to pSX's ...
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Are these symptoms of a bad PS1 memory card or a bad PS2?

I have suffered the same issue. I bought a ps2 slim played ps1 games for many hours then my entire ps1 memory card erased all data so I gave up on playing ps2 games for abit and stuck to ps2 for now ...
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Playstation 1 games stretched outside screen

It turned out, that the monitor settings were set to 16:9. After correction of the settings, the image was ok.
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Do all Playstation consoles use 3.3V for controller port signalling?

The official SONY Controllers will operate on 3.3V, and not on 5V, however the unofficial controllers mostly will work on 5V. All controlers WILL work on 3.3V.
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Can i upload old Ps1-Ps2-PSP saves into PS Plus account?

Nope. But... I guess there are some cases where you can via a technicality though... At best you can migrate the save file to a PS Vita if that game is also available for the system, then backup the ...
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Do PS1 or PS2 memory cards die over time like cartridges?

I Begg to differ with you. But some ps2 memory cards do have a 3 volt battery its a coin battery 1220 it in the at the time top of the line more expensive cards they will have screws to hold them ...
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