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Can Fortnite Vbucks cards be used on any console?

It's a little bit complicated. Fortnite has a shared wallet system, in which redeeming V-bucks on particular platforms allows them to be spent on other platforms. Currently, almost all platforms that ...
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8 votes

Padlock on a downloaded PS5 game

So, long story short, @Wondercricket was right. It turns out I had two accounts on my PS4, one of which purchased quite literally every single game besides this one (for no reason I can recall...). It ...
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Transfer game to new account on PS5

If you mean that you want to transfer saved data from the old PS4 account to a newly created one, then no, that's not possible. Saved data are bound to the account that created them and can't be moved ...
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1 vote

Cloud Save Download not available for PS5 games

It can be done, but it's not as intuitive as it was on PS4. To upload your saves to cloud storage: Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings Select Saved Data (PS5) or Saved Data (PS4) ...
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