*RimWorld* is an indie space colony building, management and survival game developed by Ludeon Studios. Crash landed in a procedurally generated world, your colonists must work together for survival and to leave the planet.

RimWorld is a space colony construction, management and survival simulation game developed by Ludeon Studios. The first Alpha release was available in 2013 on Linux, Mac and Windows. The game was first available on Steam Early Access in July 2016. It came out of EA in October 2018 when the version 1.0 was released.

Crash landed in a procedurally generated world, your goal is to scrape together enough resources to survive and rebuild your spaceship. The flow of the game will differ depending on your selected storyteller AI. Cassandra, Phoebe and Randy each provide a different pace to the game all while trying to lead your colony to its doom.

Each colonist must work together to survive regardless of their skills and traits. Others stranded on your world will join your cause whether through their own interest or imprisonment. Random events will test their psyche as their loved ones and pets thrive or die by their side.

Still in development, features are added with each major release.


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