The fourth game in Harmonix's popular series 'Rock Band', Rock Band 4 is a rhythm game played using special guitar, drums, and microphone controllers to match the beats in a song. Use this tag for questions about the base version of Rock Band 4. For questions about the expansion, Rock Band Rivals, use the Rock Band Rivals tag.

Rock Band 4 is the most recent installment in the 'Rock Band' series of games, developed and published by Harmonix. It was released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6, 2015.

The gameplay for this game is similar to the prior ones in the series, where players use the peripheral instruments (guitar, drums, microphone) to hit the notes that appear on the screen. The game also features a local multiplayer mode, where multiple players play the same song at the same time using different instrument controllers. Three main modes are available in the base game:

  • Quickplay - Similar to previous games, allows players to play a song of choice
  • Band Tour - The 'Campain Mode', allowing players to start and grow their own band
  • Show - Allows players to play a semi-determined set of songs all in a row

65 songs were included with the disc upon purchase, with up to 1,500 being available in total. These songs are available via import from older games and DLC in the series. Harmonix has continued to release new songs since launch.

An expansion was released in October 2016 called Rock Band Rivals.

Use this tag for questions about Rock Band 4 in its base version only. For questions about Rock Band Rivals, use the tag.

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