If you manually record your gameplay, you may record as much or as little as you wish. To do that, you need to first set the recording mode to Manual or Shadow & Manual. After that, just start recording by using the hotkey you set under Toggle manual recording on/off and save, then stop it by using the same hotkey. If you're talking about Shadow ...


In order to disable the ShadowPlay notifications you have to go into the settings, there is a whole section about notifications, then you can just disable all of them or some of them.


It turns out that - due to the 200% scaling in Windows settings - the desktop resolution wasn't being reported correctly to ShadowPlay, causing it to record at what it thought was "in-game resolution" but in fact was only a fraction of that. Changing the recording settings to "custom" and specifying 4k explicitly has resolved the issue, and I now get full-...

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