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How to end the game in 2-player Lemmings (Super Nintendo), with no "Nuke" option?

I found the answer in an internet forum, but I thought I'd post it here to better ensure the answer is preserved for posterity. This is quoted from another source that wasn't properly cited, but I ...
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Why do older generations games have a common look and feel by console?

Much of the "look and feel" of games of that era (up to roughly the early 3D era) was driven largely by technical limitations and tradeoffs of the consoles themselves. The Sega Genesis, for ...
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How can I play a SNES through a VGA monitor?

The original SNES, while certainly one of the pinnacles of the 16-bit era, doesn't come without it's issues. You might find that original hardware will be harder to wrangle, especially 30 years later ...
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Counterfeit NES/SNES Games-how to know if it's fake?

There are a couple of tell-tale signs which actually seem common for just about all Nintendo, cartridge-based systems. Look for these qualities when attempting to identify counterfeit cartridges. ...
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What are the correct specs for an SNES power supply?

I just went and checked the power supply on my SNES (an original Nintendo power supply)--it's 10 V at 850 mA. Your supply is slightly lower voltage. Speaking as an electrical engineer with some ...
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What is this game called?

At a guess, it's Terranigma. This is a picture of Terranigma from Wikipedia that appears to be the same area (the towers near the game's beginning):
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Was "SD Art of Fighting" ever released?

This Super Famicom game was actually released as SD Hiryū no Ken, part of the Flying Dragon franchise. The header of the snippet confirms this with the name of the studio that produced it (Culture ...
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How can I play a SNES through a VGA monitor?

There are a variety of computer cards called TV Tuner Cards, many of which include TV Capture functionality - older ones often have the Cable or Composite-In you'll require (this is how I played ...
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Nintendo (SNES, N64, etc.) Cartridge Revisions

Nintendo has two forms of revision numbers that they use for their cartridge games. The first one is the "-n" identifier on the end of the serial number which means that something physical about the ...
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What are the correct specs for an SNES power supply?

I'm assuming you're referring to the NTSC SNES released in 1991, due to the power supply being rated for 120V 60Hz, and due to asking about the SNES and not the Super NES Classic Edition (also known ...
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Sharpen the SNES

Natively, yes you have options depending on your model SNES and TV. Your best bet is S-Video, as that is the most common plug available, but optimal is RGB but that isn't typically supported on modern ...
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Counterfeit NES/SNES Games-how to know if it's fake?

Just last night I received a copy of a SNES game that was a fake/reproduction that I bought off EBay. How did I discern that? Image/Look - Compare it to a real one. Sometimes this involves ...
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How can I play a SNES through a VGA monitor?

Unfortunately going from Composite to VGA is not a simple process. VGA has 3 channels (RGB), while composite has only one channel. To go from composite to VGA, you have to do this: Analog (...
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Counterfeit NES/SNES Games-how to know if it's fake?

As a Famicom collector with 185 games, 51 Sufami games and a handful of Famicom disk games, I have never once doubted the validity of the games I am buying- because I've never thought of it (probably ...
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Trouble importing SNES ROM with Higan on Mac OS X

Super late answer, but I hope it helps someone at least. In order to emulate anything on higan you need to get the manifest.bml and the ipl.rom for whatever system you're emulating. You can find ...
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Cheat code to unlock the special cup does not work on Wii U Virtual Console

Your note about the cup selection moving while inputting the code makes it sounds as though you are using left and right on the directional input (d-pad or analog stick). However, the code in question ...
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How to activate the multiplayer feature with the multitap in EA's NHL series on SNES?

Okay, after a lot of testing in the past months, here are the results of my research. NHLPA 93 doesn't seem to support more than 2-player, which was expected. NHL 94 Plugged in the Super Multitap ...
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SNES Mode 7 - What are Mode 1 through 6?

Basically, modes 0 through 6 are the different background modes. They determine how many background layers are available to use, what bit-depth the graphics are in and what extra features are ...
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Did DOOM for SNES support the SNES mouse and Super Scope?

Looking into the manual for DOOM (SNES Version) it clearly states that: This product is not designed for use with the SUPER NES MOUSE, SUPER NES SUPER SCOPE or SUPER NES MULTI-PLAYER ADAPTERS. I ...
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Will a North American SNES Power Adapter Fit In a Super Famicom?

The short answer is no, an SNES adapter will not physically fit into a Super Famicom. As a general rule, you really should just use the proper power supply anyway. If you look around online you'll ...
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Is it possible to repair a SNES cartridge with broken/worn contacts/pins?

I'm not sure if you can apply it here, but I know there is a way to fix damaged paths on circuit board. Here is the link that demonstrates how to do it: In short, it ...
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How can I play a SNES through a VGA monitor?

There's no cheap way of connecting an SNES to a VGA monitor. The SNES can output Composite video (the yellow cable, poor quality), S-Video (round cable with four pins, sharp image with a slight amount ...
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Prince of Persia Level 3 - Making the jump

You need perfect timing. Once you step on pressure plate in the East (right). The gate in the West will open up. Now make run for it. There is a collapsible tile in the gate screen. That's the tile ...
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SNES acting weird

Try inserting a shim between the cartridge and the chassis door to make sure that the contacts are touching consistently. Over time i think the contacts lose stiffness and need to be coaxed.
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Activating godmode in Super Star Wars for SNES?

Per this Gamefaqs Cheat guide, you are not entering in the code during the game play which is required to be done by the 2nd controller. (Emphasis my own) Press A, A, A, A, X, B, B, B, B, Y, X, X, ...
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How to deinterlace SNES video for PC play/capture?

I've found some useful information in the following posts:
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Did Donkey Kong Country for the SNES use any kind of special hardware in the cartridge?

The cartridges do not contain any special hardware for this. The specifics of the game is that it uses pre-rendered graphics to render each sprite using "footprints", so that it only needs to load ...
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Why does RetroArch make my SNES games look so low-resolution?

The image on the left is how the game looks by default. The image on the right has a shader applied. This is not necessarily a "higher resolution" - in this case, it looks like a simple ...
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Can a power reduction of 0,3 Amp in a Snes power cable be consequent?

Now that you have added the photo my advice is to buy the adaptor listed on the label. If you search for 'NES-200E' you can buy one with the exact specs required. I will leave the advice below as ...
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