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How can I bind my Steam game to my Ubisoft account?

Sadly, as support said, it's not possible. Steam and others do not share licenses between games, Valve just allows others to include their launcher and give an additional, separate license from their ...
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Is there a way to tell if I've sold anything during my current playthrough?

As mentioned by @Ramhound in the comments, no, there simply isn't a way to know this. However, it's worth noting that not only selling items will lock you out of this achievement. According to ...
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How different are the elf and human sides?

In addition to what has already been said, you get a different weapon as reward: Elves: Butters' Hammer of Storms 122-170 (3x) Shock dmg +50 Humans: Stan's Slashing Blade of the Ranger 180-250 (x2)...
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Is the Growing Boy perk only applied once and when to use?

I haven't played the game in a long time, but from memory, this particular perk adds 20% of your total health at the time you buy it. Either way, even if it's more useful to buy it in late game, I'd ...
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Convert PS3 save to PS4?

Sadly not all games have option to transfer save from PS3 to PS4. But some support it like for example Minecraft. You need checkout at game page if support for transferring save is supported.
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What are the special douchebag gear stats?

Halberd of the Warrior Automatically obtained when promoted to Sir Douchebag after completing the "Call the Banners" quest. 2 slots 34-47 (x2) level 3 Warrior's Rage: Gain Attack Up after a ...
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