Your ship is not bugged. The novakid race has a train-like ship, with different color "wagons". This is what the final upgrade looks like:


Starbound is from a different developer, only @Tiyuri worked on both games. Starbound is quite similar to Terraria, but there are a few key differences such as races and the fact that the world doesn't end, it wraps around (planets are round, you can walk in one direction and end up where you started). Starbound is not a sequel, but many people call it a ...


Holding shift limits the effect of the tool you're using to a single block. This includes placing blocks and destroying blocks, foreground or background, even with tools such as the pickaxe that normally affect larger areas.


In the top-right of your screen, there is a button to teleport back to the ship. It's right above the Quests button. Note that it will only be available while on the surface of the planet, outdoors. Going underground will make it vanish, like this: Note that the definition of "underground" is a bit crude. All you need to have teleporting available is that: ...


The only way to store pixels (as of yet) is via the Pixel Compressor. Pixel Compressor is a crafting station used to turn pixels into tradeable/storable items called voxels. Decompressing these voxels will yield the equivalent amount of pixels back, it provides a way to trade pixels to others as well as protect pixel loss from death. This crafting ...


Every monster has a 7% chance of dropping a Superiour Brain instead of an Inferior Brain when killed with a Brain Extractor. Just keep killing monsters, and you will get one.


As of 1.0 stable, only the purple colored Crystal Erchius and Liquid Erchius Fuel (requires upgraded Matter Manipulator) found on the surface and in the caverns on Moons (requires Breathing EPP to visit) can be used to fuel your spaceship. Note that travelling between planets in the same system does not require fuel. Liquid Erchius Fuel can also be bought ...


A pickaxe remains the same strength until it reaches 0 durability, at which point it does not break entirely, but instead reduces the strength to even lower than the matter manipulator. It can be repaired at any time by right clicking on it while holding any of the ores used to make pickaxes/drills (copper, silver, gold, platinum, or diamond*). *Due to a ...


It is not yet possible to change your spawn point. The developers have stated in a blog post that it will be included in a future release.


If you dig down, you will reach bottom. Your screen will stop scrolling. Source: reddit.com


Upgrading your ship normally involves getting crew members from NPC settlements (a total of 2, 4, 6, 8, then 10) by completing small randomly generated quests for them, or by hiring penguin mercenaries after defeating Dreadwing. Once upgraded, there is no difference between a ship that was upgraded with a fake license and a ship that was upgraded with a ...


Stim Pack Status Effect Red Stim Pack Regeneration Blue Stim Pack Jump Boost Green Stim Pack Speed Boost Yellow Stim Pack Glow Source: Here


As of 1.0, you can create an Ore Detector at an Agricultural Station. When used, a green circle is emitted which temporarily highlights any ores in a block color: From my testing, this seems to highlight all ores but coal.


That is your body temperature. When it gets low enough, the screen will start fading to white. If it empties, you will freeze to death. Temperature varies depending on the planet you are on, the biome you are in, and whether it is day or night. To warm up, you can enter a structure, equip warmer armor (denoted by the sun symobl), or build a fire. ...


Pixels are the main currency in Starbound. They can't be stored in regular containers like other items. The later in the game you get, the more important they become for crafting everything as part of the base crafting cost. You also lose 30% of pixels upon death. 3D printing has advanced so far in the game universe that the universal currency form has ...


Just 'use' it anywhere. The Energy Dash blueprint you have is a type of tech that gets added to the Tech station on-board the ship. Once you've unlocked tech, go to the tech station on your ship, select a tech on the left, then click one of the "lock-in" buttons on the right to equip that tech. I don't think it tells you how to use it, but the Energy Dash ...


On the Starbound forums there are several complaints about the lack of this very feature. See a couple here and here (note the forums seem under a lot of stress at this time so you may have to reload a couple times). It appears that as of this time in Beta Stage 1 - Progenitor on 12/7/13 there is no pause feature, but I was not able to find an official ...


Maps are not currently in the game. Whether or not there will be one in the future is entirely unknown, and not covered by the scope of Stack Exchange questions, but as for whether or not they exist currently, they do not. If you want to find out about planned updates, I'd suggest going to the Chucklefish Forums, where discussion about Starbound is very ...


How did you harvest your crops? If you picked them up using the pick axe or drill, I believe it will just give you back whatever seed you used to plant it. In order to harvest your crops, you'll need to interact with the plant (by pressing E). This will give you the result of the crop and another seed to plant again. See the Starbound wiki for more ...


Upbeat Giraffe added keybindings menu in Options > Controls. Simply click on the button you want to rebind and click the key you want to use. You can bind 2 keys for each action. To remove the other key, bind the only one you want twice: Binding move up to S twice, then W twice. Alternatively you can click the trash bin icon to unbind the key, then bind it ...


Assuming you're not also unable to find coal to use as fuel in your ship, your best bet is to simply seek another planet in the hopes that it has some richer copper deposits, particularly if you've already done a pretty good job exploring and exploiting the resources of the starting planet. There's really no reason to limit yourself to your starting planet. ...


Yes. The game has one universe and all your characters, and their buildings, exist in the same one. Anything you build will sync on the server or PC you build it on.


You have two options: walk on top of the blue round (square in 2D) teleporter to the left and then press E while hovering your mouse over it, or click the down arrow () in the corner while standing anywhere in the ship.


You can't change the difficulty by design after you create the character. But if you don't mind cheating these official rules, you can find your character save file in this folder (or its equivalent in other OSes): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage\player Open the desired player file (you can figure out which one you want by ...


You can use the refinery to turn excess ore into pixels fairly effectively. To get this, you will need the tier 2 crafting station, which you can only access after defeating the first boss. This is, however, a very effective way to get extra bits out of excess ore.


Are you using a hoe to till the land first? You have to gather some wood and some cobblestone to make a stone hoe, then till the dirt and plant your seeds in it in order to create a farm. Plain Ol' Dirt won't cut it.


Exploring the surface for large buildings can prove quite fruitful, as many of the chests and containers therein will contain large caches of pixels. Take them. All of them. As of right now (shortly after the Frustrated Koala update), NPCs don't even get mad if you take their stuff from their containers. If you cant' find such structures easily, there'...


In the current version of the beta, the final quest is completed when you first obtain (build) a distress beacon. There are no further quests.


There are two center slots for each of the two mouse buttons. If you drop an item into the right-handed (red) slot and wield a one-handed item from your normal 10 numbered slots, you will wield both items. Furthermore, pressing X will allow you to switch to solely your blue slot, and Z allows you to swap the blue with red, and vice versa.


From the Wiki: Using a Bandage, Medkit, or Red Stim Pack. Sleeping in any Bed, tent or any object it is possible to sleep on. Eating certain foods can temporary increase health regeneration. For foods that heal, see this question. Beds are easy to craft and you can find tents and sacrificial altars, both of which act like beds while exploring. ...

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