One of the three factions in the popular Starcraft series, the Protoss utilize biological and mechanical units. They are tougher, more expensive units than other races, generally resulting in smaller armies.

The Protoss have several unique features.

  • Structures (except for Nexus and Pylon) rely on an energy field produced by Pylons and Warp Prisms. Protoss structures must be built in range of this field, and will become unpowered and useless if they lose access to the field. Warpgates can spawn units anywhere the energy field reaches.
  • Probes need only start construction of a building and it will "warp in" on its own.
  • All Protoss units and structures have a defensive shield, which regenerates over time.
  • The Nexus Chronoboost ability allows the player to speed up unit or tech production in a building.
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