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One of the three factions in the popular Starcraft series, the Terrans use biological and mechanical units. They are not as strong, unit-for-unit, as the Protoss, and cannot create the vast armies of the Zerg. Instead, they survive through adaptability.

Terrans have several unique features.

  • SCVs can build Terran structures on any flat ground (barring creep).
  • Many Terran structures can lift off and fly to a new location.
  • All structures and mechanical units can be repaired by SCVs.
  • SCVs must participate in constructing a building until it is complete.
  • Many buildings support stationary add-on structures. By lifting off and landing, structures may swap add-ons.
  • Command Centers have two options for upgrade. The Planetary Fortress has additional offensive and defensive capabilities. The Orbital Command allows the use of MULEs and scans.
  • Supply depots can be raised and lowered to allow or deny passage.