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Where can a new player start with Zerg in Starcraft II?

The Heart of the Swarm expansion provides a Campaign with Zerg missions. Additionally, you can play as Zerg in a match with just AI, which can be set to a low difficulty to allow you to learn.
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What is the economic effect of the extractor trick at 14 supply in Legacy of the Void?

According to Resources - Liquipedia a drone gathers 55-60 minerals per minute. Let's take the average of that and say it is 57.5. This equals to ~ 0,96 minerals per second. One worker on one ...
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Why do pro Zerg players build their Lair at their natural?

Safer but not Stronger According to this Reddit Post: Most people that lair at the nat in ZvP and ZvT do it because it's easier to defend and less likely to be dropped, which is also why many ...
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What sort of starting strategy should I take as Zerg with the aim of going Air in mid game?

I believe there is no simple answer to this question. It is not about build orders or when you get the Vespene gas. Of course gas is important for zerg air, however, you can't talk about a timed zerg ...
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Why no Disruptors on top-tier SC2 late game PvZ?

Every situation is different so it's hard to generalize, but here's some considerations. The most important problem with disruptors is that they can't move while shooting and their shot gets canceled ...

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