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Can two people play the same game via Steam Family Sharing at the same time?

Two people are actually able to play at the same time. I've done this myself before, and as far as I can tell, Steam has done nothing to block this.  If anyone can prove it's not legal / within their ...
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New World family sharing suddenly stopped being accessible?

Family sharing was recently disabled for New World. From Community Manager's post : Due to the increase of bots, gold sellers, and ban evaders, we decided to disable family sharing November 4, 2021 ...
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Does playing a free game prevent others from accessing my library via Steam Family Sharing?

We just tried this out; I started RetroArch, and then my brother started one of the games from my library. There was no problem, he can play the game successfully.
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Why am I unable to play CS:GO through Steam Family Sharing anymore?

When you mean: Actually, I mean it shows "purchase" where it should say "play". and Ok thank you, but the problem still exists, I said that I can play all other games except ...
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Is it possible to only share specific games through Steam Family Sharing?

To an extent, yes and no. As the Steam Family Sharing FAQ says, Can I share specific games, or do I have to share my whole library? Libraries are shared and borrowed in their entirety. That's the &...
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Can two people play the same game via Steam Family Sharing at the same time?

This is completely possible depending on the game (usually games that do not connect to the internet). After setting up family sharing, the person who owns the game must start the game. After the game ...
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If I get a new PC will I still be able to access shared games?

To have access to a steam library, both the PC you are using and the account you are using must have been given access to the library. Taken from the Steam family guide: Is there a limit to the ...
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Is it possible to override Family Share to continue playing?

No. If you want to play the game, you have to buy it. There's no way to override the family sharing protection. If you're worried about continuing the story, that's a separate issue. Buying the game ...
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Steam family sharing - simultaneous play

When you share, what you are sharing is your library. You can play any game the owner has, but you can't do it while he is playing any other game. No matter the video game, while he is playing ...
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Is there a way to exclude games from Steam Shared Library?

If you setup the account you're sharing with as a child account you will be able to select which games it can access from the parental settings.
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Can two people play each other's shared Steam games?

With Steam Family Sharing, you're sharing your entire library at once, meaning that if someone is playing a game from your library, nobody else can access any game from that same library. If you're ...
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Is there a way to exclude games from Steam Shared Library?

According to a FAQ put together on the Steam Family Sharing group on Steam, no there is no way to manually select games that you do not share with the account you are sharing with. Meaning the only ...
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Will I keep my game progress if I buy a game currently shared through Family Sharing?

Yes. This question has been asked a few times on here, but the short answer is yes. You'll keep all of your stats, achievements, inventory items etc if you buy the game for yourself, since they're ...
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Steam family sharing shows “buy” instead of “play”

Certain games are excluded from Steam family sharing. Arma 3 is one of them. Unfortunately, this means if you want to play Arma 3 you will either have to buy it, or play it while logged into your ...
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How do I pick-and-match licenses via Family Sharing if multiple friends own the same game?

Steam will grant you access to a game via Family Sharing from the first (alphabetically, by Steam display name) owner of the original game. So if Foo and Bar both own the game, you will only use Bar's ...
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Can you share save files on Steam Family Share to other accounts?

While I'm unsure whether it's possible to directly transfer one steam cloud to another, it's possible to do so in your local files. There are two occasions where the steam cloud synchronizes with the ...
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Skyrim character progress and Steam Family Sharing

No, it will not wipe your progress: they will have their own local safe files (provided they are playing on their own systems).
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Why is Steam only showing me "Buy" instead of "Play" option for a game shared via Family Sharing?

It seems the family sharing needs to be reenabled about once a year or so. I have a family sharing account that I'm certain is not being used by anyone else, yet the only option I have is "...
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Is there a way to exclude games from Steam Shared Library?

You need to activate Family Mode and then one by one remove games you dont want to show (or other way around if different default setting turned on). Cause I wasnt launching Steam for half month or ...
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What will happen to shared DLC if I buy Just Cause 3?

If both of you have the game and only one has the DLC, the DLC is not shared. He keeps the DLC and you have to buy it for yourself. From Steam family sharing FAQ:
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Steam family share resets itself randomly

I've had the same issue sharing libraries with my roommate. Occasionally it will forget that one of our computers is authorized on the other's account, the only workaround I've found is to log in on ...
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Steam family sharing can both users be logged in while one is playing a game?

can both users be logged in while one is playing a game? Yes, the game's owner being logged in does not prevent other users from playing the owner's shared games.
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Steam family share playing together

No. Only one person can use a given shared library at a time. If it's shared with multiple people, only one of them may use it at a time. See Steam Support: Can two users share a library and both ...
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Same game doubly shared on Steam

This is a limitation of Steam Family Sharing caused by how it handles the data, specifically the fact it apparently only checks the first user in the sharing list when playing a shared game. The ...
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Share Steam games bought on parent account and computer to child account and computer

You can enable family sharing through 'Setting' -> 'Family' and check 'Authorize Library Sharing on this computer'. After that you can click on 'Manage other computers' to add computers. Note that if ...
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Steam Family Sharing - can it go both ways?

One person sharing does not automatically cause the reverse. You have to choose to share your own games on the specific computer. Sharing on one computer you have logged in will not share on all the ...
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Steam Family sharing - Overlapping shared libraries

The other answers provide workarounds, but do not mention Steam's official policy (which may not have been available when the question was asked). I am adding this for completeness, since the question ...
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Can i play the same game in family sharing if we both own it before sharing the library?

The family sharing page of Steam has a FAQ with useful information. Can two users share a library and both play at the same time? No, a shared library may only be accessed by one user at a time. When ...
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