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What additional features do you get after spending five dollars on Steam?

According to Steam's help page: Limited users are prevented from accessing several features on Steam, including but not limited to: Sending friend and group invites Requesting access to ...
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What additional features do you get after spending five dollars on Steam?

According to this article by Valve, this is what a "premium" account gets over a "free" (officially called "limited account") one: Sending friend and group invites Requesting access to groups ...
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I reset my laptop and now Steam games are all missing

Here are some possibilities: You are signed into the wrong account (unlikely but can't leave this out) You have filtered out games that are not ready to play (click the small play icon above the game ...
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How to switch between 2 Steam accounts on one PC without having to enter mobile code every time?

You say you both use the same Windows account. Create a new account for your brother. Login to steam with his account information. Sign in back as your shared account. Create a new shortcut to steam ...
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Should I be concerned for Viruses when I download through Steam?

win32.BogEnt is a known false positive for digital download games. It should be fine to play this. win32.BogEnt is a heuristic-based indicator. This is not based on the scanned file being known to the ...
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How to download non-DRM version of game from Steam to run in WINE?

No, you cannot. Steam is a DRM enforcing client. It doesn't provide a version of software that is not DRM restricted. However, you can install Steam on WINE itself. It will then detect it is on a "...
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Is there a way to hide that you own a game in the Steam store?

Update [5th of March, 2024]: You can now hide the game you want when you are purchasing or playing a game. You can read the official blog post to know more info. When purchasing a game, the new cart ...
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How to switch between 2 Steam accounts on one PC without having to enter mobile code every time?

The @Luaan's answer seems like a cool workaround. It suggests to create a "fake" second Windows account and don't use it. I think that you should take one step further, and actually use that second ...
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Can I sort my Steam games by installed size?

In the newer version of Steam, go to LIBRARY and in the second block ("shelf") under "WHAT'S NEW", set dropdown to "ALL" and "SORT BY" "Size on Disk".
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Can your computer/Steam account get hacked by redeeming a Steam wallet code sent to you by another user?

It is possible. One of the methods of account recovery is providing to the Steam support team a game key code or wallet funds code that has previously been redeemed on the account (as per here). If ...
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Is there any way to have privacy on Steam?

Most importantly: set your online status, in the Friends & Chat menu, to Invisible or, even better, to Offline. This can also be done quickly by clicking 'Friends' in the top menu: Not only will ...
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How are the recommended system specs determined on Steam?

From the Sub-Point "Releasing" of the Steamworks Partner Page: Then scroll down and enter the corresponding system requirements. Preview your store page and then publish your changes when you're ...
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Is there a way to download the box art for Steam games?

As of today, the box art in this format (600x900) aren't cached, apparently. The format that is cached however, is 300x450, and is available in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\appcache\librarycache\ on ...
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Can I search games by estimated play time?

As DrFish mentioned, this is a feature that currently does not exist within Steam. However, if you're willing to use external sources, I recommend taking a look at HowLongToBeat is ...
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Does Steam have a setting to hide all Uplay titles?

A different approach from the other answer: if you get the augmented Steam addon, then any time you visit a Steam game page in your browser (but not within Steam), it will tell you if it requires any ...
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Can you choose which version of a game to play on Steam?

Megos answer isn't entirely correct, it depends, so I'll expand a bit. In general, as Mego says, there is no way to do this, but some publishers do provide this option. For example, the Paradox ...
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How do I copy an installed steam game on my PC to an external hard drive?

Steam → Settings → Downloads → Steam Library Folders Click "Add Library Folder" (Add your external drive) Save and Close Go to your Library Right click on the game → Properties → Local Files Click "...
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Is there a way to disable showing what your friends are playing when first logging into steam?

There's not a "only after login" option for displaying these friend notifications. As has been noted, it's all or nothing in Steam's settings. There's also no launch option that helps. However, you ...
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Do I have to install a game to keep it, if it is free for a limited time?

Provided you have added the game to your library while it was free, you will be free to download it whenever you like. You can also download it onto other devices too (via your steam account).
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Do delisted games on Steam count as perfected games if I would 100% them now?

Yes. I completed the original version of Skyrim on Steam after it was delisted. The Perfect Games count went up by one. Update: Found a way to prove it :). This post makes clear Skyrim was already ...
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Is there a way to disable showing what your friends are playing when first logging into steam?

The only way to disable this is to disable friend notifications entirely. In Steam's settings, go to the Friends tab and uncheck "When any Friend joins a game" "Display a notification". Edit: As @...
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How do I rename a category in Steam?

One way you can do this is to move all the games to a newly created category and delete the old one (A category is deleted when no games are inside of it). You can do this by: Select all the games in ...
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Is there a way to know previous Steam sales?

Not on Steam itself. However, third party websites such as SteamDB exist specifically for this purpose.
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What game is in this video showing a green field with purple bushes and a 'No Power' message?

The game is Astroneer, a space sandbox and exploration game released on PC and XBOX. The game allows you to visit planets and exploit them to collect resources and craft different kinds of tools, ...
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What does "players like you love this game" mean exactly?

A few parameters are made clear through Steam's Interactive Recommender, which can be found in the Steam Labs: Its description mentions how: This experiment looks at how much you've played each game ...
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How can I move an installed game from one Steam library folder to another?

Since January 19th 2017 it is now possible to use the built-in "Move install folder" function from within the Steam client (even without participating in the beta program). Simply go to [Insert Game ...
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Can I buy steam games right after I've created a new account and its at level 1?

Yes, even level 0 accounts can purchase games.
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How to stop Steam trying to read from a non-existent drive?

Uninstall/Reinstall the game I initially assumed this would fail, given that Steam was referencing the (non-existent) I: drive, but it uninstalled instantly. Upon reinstalling, Steam asked which drive ...
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Will I be able to play my Steam games when I move from Russia to Germany? If not, what can I do?

According to Reddit you can get locked out, but you can contact Steam support to get your games back: Hello fellow Russian. I've moved to the EU several years years ago and had some games ...
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Why is my Steam Client acting so slow?

The fix I've found is to Clear the Steam application's Web Browser Cache. I had this issue for a very long time. A previous workaround was to opt in to (or out of) the Steam client Beta. Only ...
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