An online gaming, digital distribution, social and DRM platform by developer Valve. This tag should be used for questions about Steam-specific issues with games or any of Steam's features, including but not limited to the digital distribution of games, the desktop PC client, in-game overlay, social features and account management and settings.

Steam is a platform for the digital distribution of games on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, created by Valve Corporation. Steam implements many social features like chat, in-game voice, game recommendations, community groups and more.

Tag Usage

This tag should only be used in regards to the Steam software itself, or a particular game feature, unique to Steam. If the game is being played through Steam, simply mentioning it on the body is adequate, and the tag should not be used. Related meta post:

General Information

  • Released: September 12, 2003 (PC), May 12, 2010 (Mac), February 14, 2013 (Linux)
  • Features:
    • Online Store (Digital distribution)
    • Account and Digital Rights Management (DRM)
    • In-game overlay
    • Profiles & Achievement tracking
    • Friends Lists
    • Group chat
    • Social networking
    • Workshop for creative content & game modding
    • Game Broadcasting & Watching
    • Marketplace for earned content
  • Platforms: ,