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In all probability a specific filter is set in the new UI, preventing you from seeing all games. There are several ways this can be changed: Maybe the dedicated button to filter out games that are currently unavailable is switched on: There is a myriad of preset tags to choose from to filter your game library to create 'Dynamic Collections', and this ...


In the newer version of Steam, go to LIBRARY and in the second block ("shelf") under "WHAT'S NEW", set dropdown to "ALL" and "SORT BY" "Size on Disk".


Barring these are part of the "standard things" you have already attempted, try changing the download region of Steam (different accounts on the same computer would suffer the same problem) or disabling software that interferes with your Steam server connection: Change Download Region The Steam content system is divided into geographical regions. The ...


A few similar problems on the Steam Community forums have another solution apart from the obvious ones: changing the language of the game: Right-click the game, select 'Properties...'. Go to the LANGUAGE tab of the Properties window. Change 'Select the language you wish to play this game in:' to another language. Close the window, and try installing again....


Currently, after latest games library UI update (November 2019), you can find that in game details: Select a game on the list Click 'Show more details' button If the game supports Cloud Saves, the appropriate information will be listed in details somewhere under the button


However, what isn't mentioned, is that when you restart you PC (and steam restarts) the broadcasting is enabled. There doesn't seem any way to PERMANENTLY disable broadcasting.

1 as the overlay homepage will automatically show a page for any Steam-based game you play. You can also add bookmarks and game-specific notes. IDK if you can setup your own homepage on a per-game basis with it as-is, but you may be able to play with it and make that possible if you're into computer programming.


You can change the download region for Steam on your PC: Steam/Settings/Download+Cloud/Download Region and set it to United States. Alternatively you can open game's console menu and enter the command openserverbroswser to view available games and their IP addresses. Then, still using the console menu, run the command mm_dedicated_force_servers [IP] ...


I think this is the easiest and best way to solve this from a security perspective. Edit your system PATH variable to include the directory where the Steam.dll is located. Directions are for Windows 10. First, find "Steam.dll" on your PC (you may need to searchif you don't know) On the start menu, type "PATH" Choose "Edit the system environment variables" ...


Found this work around: Open a browser and login into your steam account there. Find the game, and press the play button there [this is free-to-play game in my case]. Confirm that you already have steam installed. the game will start to download.


As per the Family Sharing FAQ: Can all Steam games be shared with friends and family? No, due to technical limitations, some Steam games may be unavailable for sharing. For example, titles that require an additional third-party key, account, or subscription in order to play cannot be shared between accounts. A game might not be available for sharing ...


Just download and install the Android app from the Play Store. It is not yet officially mentioned in the list of supported OSs, but it works. The list of supported controllers are much more limited for Android: only Steamlink controller itself and the Microsoft XBox One S controller are supported.


At the moment, you cannot remove games completely via the interface. However, an alternative is to right click and select "Show Less From Game", which will remove the update and reduce frequency of that game's update appearing on your news feed. After enough clicks, it should stop appearing completely and thus show news from your more recent games ...


The reason is that Catalina doesn't support 32-bit applications at all. You see this warning because the game has only 32 bit version and you won't be able to play it after update (and macOS encourages you to update it). This is support article from Steam, they put these as possible workarounds: Options to keep 32-bit Mac games playable on a Mac computer:...


As of today, the box art in this format (600x900) aren't cached, apparently. The format that is cached however, is 300x450, and is available in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\appcache\librarycache\ on Windows (or /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Steam/appcache/librarycache/ on MacOS, or ~/.local/share/Steam/appcache/librarycache/ on Linux). ...


In your default Steam folder, go to appcache, and then librarycache (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\appcache\librarycache): You can sort the files by 'dimensions' to find the icons as shown in your screenshot grouped together. If that option is not yet available in Windows' Context Menu, then (using Windows 10): right-click the folder, select 'Sort by', ...


Assuming you mean the Task Manager (if not: Ctrl+Shift+Esc 🠖 Start-up 🠖 Steam Client Bootstrapper, Right-click, 'Disable'), try disabling the Steam service: In the Start menu, type services, and open the Windows Services app. In the list showing up, look for Steam Client Service, Right-click it, select Properties, and set Startup Type to 'Manual'.

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