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Are Steam games on macOS and Microsoft compatible?

Usually a game is developed for Windows and then it receives a port to macOS, so it's reasonable to think that you should be able to play them all. There are rare cases of low end indie titles that ...
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How can I erase my save & start fresh in Crypt of the Necrodancer on Steam for PC?

There's a file at %AppData%/NecroDancer named SynchronyConfig.lua. It contains a record of my local configuration, but it also stores all my unlocks and progression: Deleting this file appears to ...
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Who is Clorthax?

He looks like David Tennant.... about the time-traveler, I can say that he was in Doctor Who, acted as the 10th doctor (from here they took 10 games). And but honestly how to explain that he is a ...
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Unsubscribed workshop mods still taking up space

Figured it out - I had to uninstall the game, and all of the installed mods went with it.
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How to transfer Steam and/or Skyrim to another PC without drivers?

Even a DVD version of Skyrim will need Steam to activate (as discussed here). The best you can get out of a DVD is reducing downloads to updates (if you follow specific instructions). So no, unless ...
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How can I get a list of the App IDs of all games in my library?

Okay, I think I've got the easiest way. You can scrape necessary values from the XML using Google Sheets. Open up Google Sheets and in a new sheet input: =importxml("
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