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What does the kart icon mean in Super Mario Kart?

The karts are extra lives. In order to advance in the Grand Prix, you must place in the top 4. If you don't, you'll have to race again and you lose a kart (life). You will also lose a kart if you ...
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Cheat code to unlock the special cup does not work on Wii U Virtual Console

Your note about the cup selection moving while inputting the code makes it sounds as though you are using left and right on the directional input (d-pad or analog stick). However, the code in question ...
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Is there any benefit to "small mode" in Super Mario Kart?

There are not really any benefits to being small in Super Mario Kart. The idea behind the lightning bolt is to slow other drivers down. You can also become small when you hit a poison mushroom from ...
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