PC RTS game from 2007 in the style of 90's classic Total Annihilation. Also ported to XBox 360 in 2008.

Supreme Commander (SupCom to its fans) is widely seen as the spiritual successor to (TA), being the brainchild of Chris Taylor and sharing other developers. It has a very similar gameplay to the 1997 , sharing the large-scale maps, large numbers of units (and types of units), and economy system. SupCom doesn't share any TA names, trademarks, or graphics, and instead of the defunct Cavedog Entertainment it was published by Gas-Powered Games and distributed by THQ.

SupCom features proper 3D graphics and a more modern user interface. It also has three factions instead of two, and three tech "tiers" in place of TA's "x factory"/"advanced x factory" progression. Very expensive and high-powered "experimental" units provide a means to overwhelm an entrenched enemy, in the same role as TA's Krogoths (though more varied). On the other hand, new shield structures and units provide some defence against ranged artillery attacks, which was not possible in TA.

Supreme Commander features a single-player campaign for each faction, and multiplayer via LAN or the GPGnet matchmaking service.

Later in 2007 an expansion pack, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (FA), added a fourth faction (with a new campaign) along with user interface improvements and new units for all factions. Use this tag for Forged Alliance questions as well as questions about the base game. FA is playable without a SupCom product key or disk, but only the new faction is playable.

The sequel to SupCom is .