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Deleting .minecraft and installing it again should fix the problem. If it didnt work for 1st time (just like me) you should actually delete .minecraft itself and download it again 2nd time. That should fix the problem.


Go to then search your username and BOOM! There it is, ripe for the download.


You should install zlib.i686 in addition to the regular zlib (x64), and (force) your game to link to it. It may work immediately, or you may have to use symlinks to get the game to load the correct library version. The old version of zlib I need doesn't have an installer anymore, how do I install from source? If the game is specifically looking for 1.2.9 (an ...


An update, a year later! In the end, I couldn't find anyone to repair my console, so finally bit the bullet and ordered the screen on eBay to repair on my own. It arrived fairly quickly and then... it just sat there until today. Yeah I was lazy. But not anymore! I am happy to announce, the repair was a success! So now I can share some tips with other people ...


This happened for me too, i realized that i was using the Public IP Adress, you must use the IPV4 Adress, that can be found by typing "ipconfig" to CMD. Hope this Helps!


It turns out the Intel 1225-V Network driver chip has issues involving faulty timings for 2.5G operation. (The delay between packets is wrong). This causes intermittent periods of high packet loss. See this report for example. The reason for your card only experiencing issues when transferring large amounts of data might be power saving options automatically ...


I had the same issue, and managed to fix it by transfering the .WBFS or .ISO files from Wii Backup Manager. Transferring the game to the drive appears to make it run properly.


[12:02:11] [Server thread/WARN]: **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT! This is almost always because another server is running on this port. If you're hosting from a linux machine, you can check what processes are running using top, and using pkill java to kill any java processes If you're on windows, you can try closing any applications from Task Manager, or as ...


Unfortunately, it appears there is little you can do about this issue, as it isn't an issue with your console. It is being caused because thousands of PS3 players are panicking and rushing to download their games, causing a massive amount of traffic to be pushed through, which the server has some trouble with. According to Push, It [the errors] could be a ...


Sometimes all you need to do is go to Settings, Keyboard and Mouse, then scroll down and reset these to default settings. It worked for me!

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