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Screen flashing during the day in Watch Dogs

The problem was the GPU Max Buffered Frames configuration, it is a number of frames that were prepared by CPU for the GPU: For some reason, if this value is greater than 3, the bug occurs.
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PS3 doesn't boot with original hard drive after hard drive swap

I've found a way to get it back up and running! In Safe Mode with the older hard drive, update it using USB: Start the PS3 in Safe Mode In Safe Mode select > System Update Plug in the USB drive ...
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Minecraft Bedrock Chunks not loading

This most likely might be the hardware because the Intel Pentium 2nd Gen dual-core processor is less powerful than the Intel Core i3 which is the minimum processor for the system requirements. But you ...
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Problem changing date of birth on a PS4

Apparently, you shouldn't be able to change the date of birth on accounts. However: One solution is to create a new account for your son (an account naturally 'matures' with a user, changing its ...
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Roblox games take forever to open

Last year I had this issue too. Try: Reinstalling There might be an update Your computer is too old to support graphics or other functions
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Transferring Minecraft worlds using a thumb drive

You can find your Minecraft Bedrock worlds in a folder called "minecraftWorlds." This is where that folder should be on your Thumb Drive if you have Windows files on there too, C:\Users\{...
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Garry's mod not found

It's looking for the "TCMalloc" library. You're in luck: Linux Mint has that library in its repository, so you don't need to go through the pain of dealing with TCMalloc's build system. ...
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