There is no "best item" setup for a class (in my opinion). Classes are flexible, and you can use a wide variety of items. If you want something to work off of, this guide can help you immensely https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Guide:Class_setups. The Terraria wiki is generally useful, so you should use it when you forget something or need some ...


Meteorite ore comes from the "Meteor" event, which in turns comes from breaking Crimson Hearts (or Shadow Orbs in Corruption worlds), and (in 1.4) defeating the boss summoned thereby. In order to reach them, you will most likely have to break the crimstone blocks surrounding them, and for that, you have two options: Purification powder: If you ...


Sounds like you haven't entered hardmode by killing the Wall of Flesh. That's usually the trigger for Lunatic Cultist, considering Golem is dead. You may also need to kill the mechanical bosses and Plantera; Terraria's boss spawn logic is pretty rigid post-hardmode.

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