There is no "best item" setup for a class (in my opinion). Classes are flexible, and you can use a wide variety of items. If you want someone to work off of, this guide can help you immensely https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Guide:Class_setups. The Terraria wiki is generally useful, so you should use it when you forget something or need some quick ...


Are you playing on mobile? If you are and you don't have auto-save on then you have to use "Save and exit" which is in the same menu as the beastiary and achievements. If you just force-exit the game your changes will not save.


The problem is that Terraria server seems to need a thread which manage input and output stream of command and server log as you saw when you start server. But when I start it in docker, it remove the input output and cause NullReferenceException (System.Object threadContext). The solution suggested there is to use screen--which works! However, you lose ...

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