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It should of dropped. Mabye you missed it. If you didn’t then you can avoid this next time by turning on autopause. This completely pauses the game while you are in any menu. Another thing you can do is check messages in the corner. You probably saw the message but didn’t remember. The message will be for the destroyer “You feel the ground quacking from far ...


One of the next bosses that you should go for is Plantera. In the underground jungle, you'll occasionally see a flower-like bulb growing on the jungle grass, and when you break the bulb Plantera will be summoned. I'd recommend not leaving the underground jungle during a Plantera fight, because once it's outside of the jungle, or on the world's surface then ...


Are you playing on mobile? If you are and you don't have auto-save on then you have to use "Save and exit" which is in the same menu as the beastiary and achievements. If you just force-exit the game your changes will not save.


Create an arena with a lot of areas for enemies to spawn. Rows of long platforms, that go off the edge of the screen are best. Try to keep it away from caves, and other things that can get filled up with enemies. Obviously, also use a water candle and battle potion. Create a small box of shelter, or a covered minecart going side to side. Use a weapon like a ...


If you did talk to her or flag a house for her, she probably won't respawn. Good luck. Unless you want some wiring and stuff and the achievement for gaining all villagers, she is not needed.


Houses cannot contain platforms for floors, making it an invalid house. Also, there cannot be holes in the walls or floor. A door cannot be placed on platforms, either. Put a door on the right the platforms to make it a valid house.

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