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I think people are misinterpreting the question. There are only certain ways to drain the ocean. You can keep pumping from it indefinitely.


Depending on what "many" and "instantly" mean, something like this is possible. Here's a setup that can activate exactly one of the two announcement boxes in it in what I expect is 2-3 ticks from when the lever is pulled, although I am not an expert on Terraria's logic gate timings. It could be chained together to give more outputs, ...


Pets function just like town NPCs, including counting towards the limit needed for a pylon to function. If they die, a random pet of the same type will show up, and they can be assigned to specific homes in the same manner as an NPC (although of course they can share a home with an NPC).


Hmm? Oh just take rope, go above 'bout 50-100 blocks, (so no wyverns) Take at least 300 ebonsand/sand and some gray bricks (to put on the bottom so it doesn't all fall) and make a long bridge drink a battle potion and run around! I prefer making an AFK volcano trap and just wait you'll collect tons of money and drops!! All on an artificial floating desert of ...

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