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“Pootis” comes from the phrase “Put dispenser here” said by the Heavy in TF2 which is used as a voice command.


As with almost every melee weapon, the answer is almost never. This is especially true with the heavy- you have the strongest short range weapon in the game as your primary weapon and you are far too slow to easily punch anyone. Even if you are out of ammo, punching someone is still a bad idea. A non-critical melee attack usually* deals 65 damage and takes ...


The Heavy's melee damage is uniform for both hands. It doesn't matter which hand you pick, as long as you hit someone with it. In fact, even the hitboxes are the same - it makes literally no difference. That said, however, depending on your personal playstyle (going even as far as how you press the mouse buttons), you may prefer to use one side - or have a ...


The minigun does constant damage regardless of location hit. In fact, most weapons work this way. The notable exceptions are most sniper primary-slot weapons and the Spy's Ambassador - these weapons can deal additional damage if you hit your enemy's head. The damage dealt depends on the range - the further the range, the less damage per bullet that hits. ...


In most situations, Heavies have the most problems in melee combat because they're the slowest of everyone (even though they can take 5 melee hits). There are however times when yes it is a good idea to punch someone. If you don't have the ammo or the time to use your minigun and you've decided to not be carrying a shotgun. Should you have chosen to use the ...


Take out the biggest threats who are in your optimum range. While the minigun can be used at very long ranges, it isn't terribly effective. So go for the biggest threat in medium-to-short range. Medics, demomen, charging pyros, soldiers, enemy heavies. Roughly that order, as the situation calls for. Heavies aren't the best for taking out engineer nests, but ...


A class priority list is not going to be useful because there are simply too many variables that change the priorities depending on the situation. 1. Shoot the closest target first This is a decent general rule of thumb, regardless of what class the target is. At long distance, bullet spread and damage-falloff make heavies very ineffective. They are the ...


The Fabricate Class Weapon blueprint can no longer create this item, but it is still craftable by using three Moustachium Bars and a Fish, which are promotional items earned in SpaceChem. SpaceChem can also give the items required to craft the SpaceChem Pin, another TF2 item. Source: TF2 wiki


No, there is no difference, it just looks differently. There are many "copies" of weapons with different name and look, for example, HHHH and Nessie's Nine Iron act exactly the same as Eyelander.


Community testing has found that the range at which this taunt will kill is actually pretty respectable for such a situational attack. The taunt can and will kill people who are standing the equivalent of 9 players away, of any class, from the Heavy performing the taunt in a horizontal line, or about the length of one of the storage units at ...


No, the Fishcake is simply a reskinned version of the Dalokohs Bar. Both items have the same stats and behave the same way, the only difference is visual. TF2 has quite a few such items, the official wiki has a list.


In my experience, the mouse button you click does not matter. The right hand is only swung when there is a crit. You can hear the sound that a crit makes every time the right hand swings. If i have my hands backwards let me know, because I have had multiple times where I click with the right mouse button and his left hand swings.


From this table, the Iron Curtain does not have a Strange quality. Strangifiers only exist for weapons that are able to have the Strange quality.


This is a bug introduced last week (specifically in the January 7 update) that Valve has yet to fix. It only affects trying to change weapons with the number keys/slot keybinds... mouse-wheel weapon changes/ previnv/nextinv keybinds are unaffected.


First off The mini-gun is the heavy's best weapon So know that I agree with the previous answer which states that if you are trying your best to help your team, get kills and rack up points you don't ever really want to go with fists over firearms. With that said I do think this question deserves a list of situations where the heavy's melee arsenal could ...


Lag shouldn't be an issue, unless by lag you mean an outrageously bad frame rate. Miniguns and other bullet weapons are hitscan weapons. They are named this because they "scan" to see if they hit. When you fire, the game instantly draws a line from your position directly forward (or at an angle, since the minigun is not 100% accurate). If it collides with ...

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